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    Really? Did you not read the sticky labelled [READ ME FIRST]?!
    Hunger Games - Too many to list. Do a search!

    Here on the plugin requests forum, Hunger Games requests are kind of a joke. Your thread might be trolled. :3
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    Doesn't change the fact there's bloody millions of them. I've made 10 private ones already, to give you an idea. I know of other devs who've done a similar amount. i've not even seen the bloody film.


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    Oh, testing your patience. You're the one who didn't read the [READ ME FIRST] before posting. Or format the post. Or give details. It looked like any old Hunger Games plugin request, and to be honest, it still does.

    It seems to me like you just want a "custom" plugin. Apparently, one of the bazillion existing Hunger Games plugins doesn't fit your needs. So talk to one of the bazillion developers to add in the sign feature you're copying from that server.

    Please note, I'm not trying to be rude, and if your patience is tested by this... Good luck.
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    It seems you have no idea of the sort of time and effort that goes into coding plugins, we don't just sneeze them out in two minutes.
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    I did read your post. So, if you want to be pointed in the right direction... search. -_- Don't really know what else to say... The request is pretty simple. I'm pretty sure any of the decent ones would work. (And if they don't, well, there's a perfectly capable developer right there)

    etc. etc. etc.
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    Two full days? Odd you get over 1000 results via google in 0.2 …•seconds .
    Yet you treated everyone here like an idoit.
    ------> [​IMG]
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    I've written 3 private hunger games plugins...

    As it turns out, the 2nd and 3rd plugins were forks of the first plugin. I'm not making any more of those. :p
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    I think many Plugin Developers have Retired form the Hunger Games Industry.

    No one hates you....Its just that many people who come to the Bukkit Plugin Request section fail to use the search bar.
    Or the Bukkit help section.

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    Well, new to bukkit forums or not, That is the most commonly asked for plugin. You just need to type "Hunger" in the search bar, and bam! [thousands of plugins]
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    How Do i delete a post??
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    Cannot delete post/thread Only staff can.
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    Poo.... i really want it deleted
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