502 Error when trying to join my server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ClichedBluefish, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Hello. I am running a CraftBukkit server on the 1.0.1 Recommended Build. Running on a iMac with OS X 10.6. I believe it's running on Java 32 bit, with 6GB of RAM. I am not the only one getting this problem when trying to join my server. I can't list the plugins because I can't get on to the server to use the /plugins command. Any help would be appreciated. I also get the following error when trying to join, though I can't see it completely:
     Response code: 502 for URL: http://session.minecraft.net/game/joinserver.jsp?user=ClichedBluefish
    . Minecraft.net is up, so it's not that. Again, any help would be appreciated.
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    Same issue here You could if you can access the console use plugins and it should give a list i'm wondering if its a plugin causing the issue then again i was running fine up until a map issue this morning :/

    here is my list:

    Plugins: CommandBook BorderGuard AutoMessage VIP CFBanner Buycraft NoCheat Minequery WorldEdit WorldInventories War XcraftGate PermissionsEx WorldGuard ChatManager Permissions Modifyworld HomeSpawnPlus LWC LogBlock
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    same. I dont think its plugins. i think bukkit is revamping some stuff, like whenever regular servers go down because minecraft.net is down and revamping...
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    I belive it's because Minecraft's Auth servers are down.
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    Same Issue Here My Server is giveing me a Error 502:
  6. I'm getting the 502 error when trying to log in to a vanilla server sitting next to me. I was about to check some stuff before switching it over to a bukkit server, so it isn't bukkit.
    Probably Minecraft's Auth servers as Evangon says.
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    the only thing I'm scared of is:
    • not being able to tell all the people that regularly play on my server
    • not being able to get on ever again :'(
    • the timing that they did this... F*** THEM!
    That it will be down for a long time... anyone have a guest-imate as to when it will be back?
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    open the Server.Properties in the root of the server, and where it says run in online mode change true to false. Have Xauth or Authme installed on server! Mine is still up come and check it out :) - TempestCraft Faction PvP
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    same here to itss like minecraft crashed
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    It is definitely the Minecraft Auth server that is down, because when I set online mode in server properties to false, it worked fine.
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    Its not an issue with bukkit. Its a 502 on this URL:
    Which is clearly the minecraft.net servers.
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    WORKED PERFECTLY! Thanks. it is minecraft.net servers.
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    same here i cant log on
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    Oh thank god! I thought that i had gotten banned!
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    Same here. How do I fix this issue?

    I can log in but the error code keeps coming up. :\

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    Does anyone know when minecraft Auth server will be back up?

    or how to get on a server when you're NOT the owner or admin

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    Oh good its not me then.
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    i love how all the ppl asking how to fix it when clearly if u scroll up u will see a post telling you how to fix it
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    Locked the thread - session.minecraft.net servers are/were having difficulty.
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