32k Enchants Removal plugin At inventory update

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by sniperrivel06, Jun 18, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Illegal Items Restriction

    Minecraft version: Version 1.12.2

    Suggested name: No 32k Enchants

    What I want: I want a plugin that changes the enchants of a diamond tool that is higher than 5 to 5
    this only happens when your inventory is updated and what i mean by that is when an item drops or when you go in a chest, hopper, enderchest or any other thing that opens your inventory or when you open your inventory yourself.

    Ideas for commands: Only command needed is one to toggle it off or on.

    Ideas for permissions: I don't know any I don't need any but if you want you can give me one well id like one.

    When I'd like it by: 18-12-2019/18-16-2019 or any time earlier.
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    You can request the name of the command.
    What do you mean? Do you want a permission or not? And if you do, what should the permission be?
    What kind of date is that?
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    i forgot to put in the name of the plugin the name should be /32toggle

    well idk much about perm nodes and i was kinda tired making this tbh still am lol but yeah i gotta be more specific sorry if im not


    this is just the date for me looks like idk how it looks like for you tbh sry but yeah i mean 16th of june or 12th of june

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    You said "18-12-2019/18-16-2019".
    18-12-2019 = 18th of December.
    18-16-2019 = ???
    A year only has 12 months, not 18 or 16.
    The image you sent is showing 18th of June.
    You want it the 16th or 12th of June, which is either 2 or 6 days ago.
    How does this even make sense?
    EDIT: What do you mean "changes the enchants of a diamond tool that is higher tahn 5 to 5"?
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    i don't really know or care when its made but at least in a month

    and i mean it changes the enchants of it to 5 if the enchants are higher than five
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    @sniperrivel06 Do you want the toggle to be saved on server restart?
    *Player joins server*
    *Player is restricted to max level 5 enchants*
    *Player uses toggle command*
    *Player is no longer restricted to max level 5 enchants*
    *Player leaves server*
    *Server is restarted*
    *Player joins server*
    *Player is still not restricted to max level 5 enchants*
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    btw i meant enchant level sry if you thought enchants

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    You runnin' an anarchy server?
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    no just something like that
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