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    17, to be exact.
    Real reason:
    kept spelling 'the' wrong
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    > inb4 removed for "inappropriate language"
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    But... there is no 'the' in your post:

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    'the' traditional way:
    I got rid of the. my Autocorrect was freaking out o.o

    Can somene just lock this thread? :p
    It was stupid in the first place, and Its getting weirder.

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  5. ChipDev Next time before making a thread first consider if it's, in your own words, stupid. :)
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    *ragequit* :mad:

    And by the way, My old profile picture is that coding background.
    My new one is sunburst :3

    Seriously, this was started because of this tiny thing I thought about . This thread has now gotten to memes about how stupid I am.

    I never thought I was 'so good at coding', maybe want to actually get back on topic.

    Last thing, that was kinda mean. I know you would probably reply 'it's true', but seriously. Lay off this calling me stupid/bad thing.
    One last thing, what makes you thing I'm bad at coding?
    That's sad :,(

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    Well should expect stupid things in a stupid post...
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    please creat post about while(true) and for(;;){} comparison, as you may see it will allow to save more then single stroke!
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    wat the fuk
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    So much love for ChipDev

    What has become of the bukkit community?
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    What has it become? :O
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    Poor ChipDev , leave him alone...
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    Im now a poor ChipDev, lol
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    Case CLOSED!
    * * *
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    Seriously, why are the 'amazing coders' making fun?
    If you realy were 'amazing', you would help him and not make him feel bad. You should teach him new things instead of calling him stupid.
    No, I'm not saying I'm an amazing coder. But I am decent enough to not comment in some kind of threads, or to not call people stupid.
    Or do you see any really good dev being mean to other developers? Do you see slikey, codename_B, Nathan, md_5... Etc. Being mean?
    I'm sorry to say, it only proves how stupid YOU are, by calling him stupid.
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    Class, this is a good example of.. well.. what do you call this?
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    Ok, let's always tell stupid persons that they are smart and we will get current bukkit comunity in result.

    Communty where every idiot can post plugin about "hats" or copypaste code from tutorial\manual AND GET APPROVAL in result.

    Nobody will tell him - "please read java for dummies first" or "please dont copypaste code from tutorials thx" or "please read sticky threads".

    This is cancer of modern development forums and approval of this from "stupid majority" does not make it any good.
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    I read all of that, Have you kept up with the page? This was made to be SARCASTIC. :p
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    As you may see i tag *other* person who take things serious.
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    Well, I might as well give my reason why.

    The thing is, I judge people by what I know of them. How do I get that information? I dig around. If you're a famous name like codename_b, I back away slowly because I don't want to get screwed over, and because I know that you're probably pretty good. For everyone else I look at what I can find. The more recent the better.

    I know that everyone must have made stupid threads sometime along their journey in Bukkit(Forums). I don't deny this. I have stupid threads myself (Go ahead and dig those up. I couldn't figure out how to remove an itemstack if it only had one amount). However, when I look at recent threads for ChipDev, I find stuff like this.


    Which contains code like this

    if (ingame == true && full == true) 
    And threads like this


    All this makes me judge Chip very harshly.

    tl;dr I show respect when respect is deserved, such as the case of Slikey, RawCode, Nathan, md_5 (although he'd never even talk to me :'( ), etc.
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    I think we left the topic on this one. Locked.
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