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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by blazen988, Jun 19, 2011.

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    Hey i have a server and we are looking to go public soon. now i was wondering if there was a way to run the server 24/7 without having to leave my computer on or if i would just have to leave it on. thanks
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    you would have to leave it on, otherwise how could it "serve" up the files. Also be sure not to let the computer hibernate or anything that involves stopping the hard drive.
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    alright thanks also how do i make it so the ip that ppl type in is words instead of the actual ip i know you need dyndns or something like that and i have that but from there i dont know where to put the information to make it so it acepts it. I tried typing it in but to no luck. Also for the dyndns host should i use my external ip or my ipv4
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    You seem like you're not knowlegable enough to run a server, try looking up some tutorials.

    And I really don't recommend running a server on your home computer.
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    not sure, and dont quote me on this, but you might need to actually buy a domain name and run that through dyndns
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    how come i wouldnt want to run it on my home computer and i have a dyndns host/domain already just need to know how to make it so that ppl have to type that in to join the server. We are already running the server i just want to make it so that ppl have to type in somehting other then numbers to join
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    www.no-ip.com, sign up, register an account, press Add host (look around for it), select DNS Host (A), put in your IP, put the IP you want (select a domain then put yours), for example blah blah blah.no-ip.org or .sytes.net which ever.

    Also, if its 24/7 get a VPS, Dedi or shared hosting. Home Computers aren't the way to go.
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    thanks so much thats what i wanted to know about the shared hosting would any of them happen to be free. Lol we are kinda short on money atm until some of us get back to work. (stupid seasonal layoffs)

    ok it turns out i dont actually have a domain i have a host though it mcepsilon.dyndns-server.com I need to make it so that ppl have to type that in to get onto our server can anyone tell me what ip i use my external or the ipv4 and how to make it so they have to type this in to get on. Been having trouble getting it to work

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  9. I would suggest using what Liberality posted :) just use your external ip and follow the instructions you should be fine.
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