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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Pickle_Bomb, May 28, 2011.

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    If I leave my server running 24/7 will it waste internet usage even if no one is on?
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    YES! A LOT!
    Others (at my home) cant almost use the internet because it is lagging so HARD!... I recommend to host it for some $, instead! :)
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    okay now im 100% certain your just a troll. I thought you may just be a very, very, uneducated 14 year old (You stated your age previously) but now im certain you must totally be a troll. Every reply you give is .... horrible.
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    Um can someone please answer me?
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    Nathan C

    Yes it will. The servers is still consuming energy, even if the load is low.

    Although if the load is high, then it will consume even more energy! Not to mention the heat they put out, will make your air conditioner run more in the summer time.

    It is overall cheaper to just get a VPS, dedciated or collocate with some host. Not only that, but they have a far better connection, than any home connection could provide. Lets see Internap to homes lol.
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    Agreed. I run mine on a macbook, could you imagine if i left it running all night. It would melt, would wake up to a white blob of molten plastic
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    In case you find it difficult to read through the sarcastic comments above: No, it won't use any bandwidth as long as no one is connected*.

    * I don't have our MC server set to be publicly visible nor have I bothered running tcpdump to monitor traffic, but I would imagine that public servers use negligible bandwidth to communicate with the master, if this feature still works. If you're planning on running a server for yourself and a few friends, running it from home isn't likely to be a huge problem unless your system is grossly underpowered. Latency will be worse than a dedicated box and your upstream bandwidth will limit the number of players. If none of this concerns you, then you have nothing to worry about. Well, except for the likelihood that your IP address will change depending on your service provider, etc. Of course, that you have to ask this question suggests that your bandwidth might be limited, in which case you should reconsider.

    Be aware that if you intend to host a public server for a lot of people, you will need to look into dedicated hosting. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry.
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    I agree with the above comment.

    My bandwidth in the (UK) is unlimited so i dont have to worry about that and my IP doesn't change (static?). Ive left it running overnight now that i have external cooling for it. It all depends on where you live (bandwidth) and wether or not your system can handle it. Also above perhaps 8 people think about either upgrading or hosting it elsewhere.
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    hello im running on a macbook and i would like for my server to run 24/7 but im not sure if that would harm my computer.

    -please help
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