Solved 2 Quick Questions. /help help! and remove /plugins

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Winterfellhard, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Edit: Can be archived ! Thanks! :p

    Alright guys 2 quick questions if anyone knows how to do this please share! I have tried a few different ways to remove extra things that show up in /help and make it a nice list of help options for new players. Essentials has this awesome feature for rules.txt and motd.txt. I am about to just make one of those my help if I cant find another solution.

    For example: when I or any other player types /help it shows:
    ESSENTIALS type /essentials help for more info
    CRAFTCONOMY type /help craftconomy for more info

    Id like to remove these from from the list, and possible format it in such a way that only commands I want to be in /help to show up there. If it is possible to setup subgroups for this also so say donators and admins get extra help topics or pages that would be awesome. Any tips will be much appreciated.

    My second question does relate to the first as when i I type /b then hit tab the first 50 or so commands are mcmmo:ect*
    or if I type /j and hit tab another 30 or so commands are /jc_ect and then another 30 /jcommands:ect.

    I know I can remove these now via aliases. But some like /jcommands:ect I am using as another aliases so If i remove the first one it would break that. Please help!! Thanks in advance!:)

    Alright everyone thanks anyway but I figured it out just had to look around. Slap me for being so dumb. . .

    Custom.txt is right in essentials and here I said doing this via essentials in my post sad face. :(

    It been a long day but back to the grind!

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