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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Zutiiq, Jun 8, 2015.

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    Calendar...would it be possible for someone to program a mod to display an in-game calendar? I've seen calendar mods on here, but they're VERY out of date and/or abandoned. It would be nice to keep track of time, in this manner, that has gone by so far...and perhaps maybe add a ''weather forecast'' along side it...but maybe that's better for a separate mod all on its own.

    Larger signs...I haven't seen a mod like this, or a suggestion for it, but I'm sure it's been mentioned on other sites. A larger signs mod that would let us have well...LARGER signs to type more words on at once. The vanilla signs are just...inefficient, and require to many for an explanation of something in the game. Perhaps something similar along the lines of how you'd place a frame on the wall, put a map in it, and connect different types of maps...similar to this, with the frame ''stretching'' the sign and enabling more words to be typed.
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    @Zutiiq Plugins only change things server side, so we can't add new blocks.
    Mods can
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    Ok a plugin lol, but it doesn't seem anyone is making a calendar plugin, wonder why they stopped.
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    @Zutiiq And how would you see a calendar plugin then? What would it do? How would it work? Commands? Permissions?
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    Mark the days, weeks, months, years that have gone by...using the gregorian calender system would be best since it's well known anyway. It would just display the word of the month, and maybe a picture below it, below the picture...Day: 6, below the day...Year: 4.

    I have totally...NO experience with programming, not even basic java programming, so... I'd make it myself If I had the education to.
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    Where would we be displaying this date? In the chat, scoreboard, etc? And if you want pictures, it would have to use something like maps or a hosh posh of chatcolors in the chat which don't look that great.

    And also, we would only be showing the server time and date, would you want each player to see their local time?
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    Well...I suppose it could be on a sign. I'm used to mods, so adding an item into the game wouldn't be a viable option. So yes, a sign...

    Something like that of the sorts.
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    What about some custom drawn maps in itemframes ? ;)
    i made such a plugin for one of my servers ... you can have it if you want.
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