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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by spojell, Jul 7, 2019.

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    My name is spojell and I'm the Owner of a server called MCSiege! We are currently not opened for public but we hope we will be soon. Before we can release we of course needs gamemodes. So, that's why I'm here today to request 3 plugins from you guys!

    Plugin category:
    PvP & Minigames

    Minecraft version: 1.8.9 - 1.13.2

    Suggested name:
    Plugin 1: Ranked-1v1
    Plugin 2: FFA
    Plugin 3: TeamPvP

    What I want: I want three plugins for my server, the first is gonna be a Ranked 1vs1 plugin, the second is gonna be a FFA plugin and the third is gonna be a Team PvP plugin (2v2 plugin). The plugins is kinda hard to explain by text and that's why I've been creating menus on how they all should work just to make it easier for the Developer to understand and that's just because all of these plugins will be used in menus and not commands. Some commands will exists for example when a player has challenged you to a duel you can do /accept <player>.

    Ideas for commands:
    Ranked-1v1 plugin:
    - Able to open menu to select a map to play on
    - Able to select a random arena to join
    - Able to duel a player and accept a duel from a player
    - Multi-arena
    - ELO system
    - Join inventory system

    Free For All plugin:
    - One arena
    - 2 commands
    - Join inventory system
    - Leave position

    Team PvP plugin (2v2 plugin):
    - Create a team
    - Invite 1 player to join
    - Join a team
    - Select arena to play on
    - Select a random arena to play on
    - ELO system
    - Spectate mode
    - Join inventory system

    Commands and functions that will come with these 3 plugins:
    /setlobby -> Sets the join/leave position
    /lobby -> Teleports to the server lobby
    /scoreboard -> Top 10 players on the server
    /records and /records <player> -> Personal and others statistics
    /save -> Saves the inventory while playing Ranked 1v1 and Team PvP

    Ideas for permissions:
    Ranked 1v1 permissions:
    1v1.menu -> This allows the group to open the 1v1 menus.
    1v1.challenge -> Can challenge a player
    1v1.accept -> Can accept a challenge from a player
    1v1.rjoin -> Allowed to join a random map
    1v1.join.* -> Allowed to choose what map to join
    1v1.first -> Jumps before default rank in the queue
    1v1.arena* -> Allowed to use all "arena create" commands (create,delete, setspawn, finish, inventory,enable/disable)

    FFA permissions:
    ffa.join -> Can join the ffa arena
    ffa.leave -> Can leave the ffa arena
    ffa.setinv -> Can set ffa inventory
    ffa.setspawn -> Can set join point
    ffa.setleave -> Can set leave point

    Team PvP (2v2) permissions:
    2v2.menu -> Allowed to open all 2v2 menus
    2v2.teamcreate -> Allowed to create 2v2 team
    2v2.challenge.team -> Allowed to challenge a team
    2v2.jointeam -> Can join a crafted team
    2v2.accept.team -> Can accept a team challenge
    2v2.rjoin -> Can join a random map when creating a 2v2 team
    2v2.join.* -> Can join ALL maps in 2v2
    2v2.arena.* -> Allowed to use all "arena create" commands (create,delete, setspawn, finish, inventory,enable/disable)

    Other permissions:
    game.setlobby -> Allowed to set the server lobby
    game.lobby -> Allowed to use /lobby command
    game.record -> Can see personal stats
    game.record.player -> Allowed to see other players stats
    game.save -> Can save inventory while playing 1v1/2v2 until you logout
    game.save.premium -> When having this permission your inventory will be saved the whole time
    game.scoreboard -> Allowed to see top 10 players

    As I said, I've already done menus to make it easier for the developer to make this plugin and see how exactily I want the plugin to be.

    When I'd like it by: 1-2 weeks
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    Good ideas but not the easiest plugin; if someone does it, they may take longer than a week to complete it.

    Just thought I'd notify you.
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    Yeah maybe it will take longer haha! I don't have the best knowledge about coding but if the Developer can't finish the plugin in 1-2 weeks 3 weeks works fine also :)
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