1185 - 1221, no changes only fixes?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by OrtwinS, Sep 28, 2011.

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    As far I can see in the change notes on ci.bukkit.org the craftbukkit builds from current RB up to the latest build (1221 at the time of writing) contain only fixes, some additions, but no changes, so I assume its reasenable safe to update (and get all the fixes).

    Unless someone with more knowledge of java has a reason for me to do otherwise.
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    With additions more bugs could crop up that they need to fix. Watch the build progress, if you see a lot of red builds then wait a few more good builds before you try. That's a cautious approach.

    Its generally advisable that if you don't want to deal with a lot of issues just run the latest recommended build.
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    yea, waiting for a few good builds sounds wise. The thing is that the current RB has a lot of bugs, so I rather try something new in the hope of fixing.
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    I'm stil keeping my server up to date and it works perfect with #1221. There is only one thing I found that is not working and that is Spout. The cerver crashes non-stop on #1221 with the latest Spout-Build. But the server works perfect with every other plugin I tried that is created for #1185.
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    The only annoying bug in #1185 is any food you eat replenishes your food bar 100%, even melons. This was fixed in #1188, which is what I've been using and it's working perfectly.
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    yea, I use that one as well, same reason.
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