Solved 1 inventory per world ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by To175, Feb 26, 2014.

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    Hi, Help me please.
    I am searching for a plugin like Multiverse-inventories, exactly the same.
    I need players' inventories to change if they are going to "Hardcore" and "Pvp" but the same...
    I meen I would like a plugin to link inventories, like that I could decide that :

    Multiverse is too heavy and buggy I don't like it...

    Thanks !
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    Not sure what your problem is, Multiverse Inventories manages these things exactly as you need. Didn't have a bug in over 2 years of using it either.
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    To175 zipfe
    Multiverse is GREAT, works perfectly :)
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    Yeah, because all the other plugins, heck, Craftbukkit itself comes with guarantees instead of disclaimers? You are using all those things "at your own risk".

    If you know what you are doing MultiVerse and the other stuff by these guys works perfectly fine.
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    Ok thanks, it is good.
    zipfe Tidgey GerCraft
    But how can I clear all inventories of a world ?
    For example if players go in a world "A" and take dirt then then disconnect or go in an other world "B", I need to clear their inventory of this world "A" where they are not in.

    Is there a command like /??? clearinv <world> <player>
    like that I could only do /??? clearinv <world> if I want.

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