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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Fragarachu, Jun 9, 2018.

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    Plugin category: RPG

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: Enhance Plus Plugin

    What I want: Do you guys know the game Elsword? Well, i want the enhance thing become a Minecraft plugin.

    For those who don't know Elsword.

    I want to request a plugin that adds trait to NPC Citizen(or your npc) Enhance so the NPC Can enhance your weapon.

    When right clicking it it will open a GUI that you must put any weapon in to middle slot.
    To enhance, click a emerald item. It costs configurable money.

    When enhanced, there will be +1, +2, +3, and so on until +13 at the beginning of the item's name and the damage increases. You must enhance again to increase the +1 by +1.
    Can anyone do this?

    Ideas for commands: /trait enhancer

    Ideas for permissions: No
  2. So you basically want a NPC that opens up a GUI.
    You can then put an item in the middle slot of that GUI and click a button (emerald item) to enchant the item with sharpness?
    When you put an already enchanted item in there (e.g. sharpness 1) it will increase the sharpness enchantment level by one (e.g. sharpness 2)?
    Then sharpness 2 will lead to sharpness 3, sharpness 3 will lead to sharpness 4 and so on?

    If I got this right, you want players to pay money for these enchantments.
    Which economy plugin are you using? Or do you want your own one?
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    From Sharpness 1 to Sharpness 13.

    iconomy reloaded

    per enhance, its price increases really big.
    After enhancing, 1+ will be in the item's name, on the first... idk to say.
    "1+ Sword"
    2+, 3+ until 13+

    And oh yeah. to enhance, you need the Enhancement stone.
    item diamond
    name:&a&lEnhancement Stone
    price: 30
    lore : A stone for enhancing.
    Meet a blacksmith to enhance.
  4. @Fragarachu And where would you get such an enhancement stone?
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    For admin, /enhancementstone to get one. Then to sell it, Citizens or shopkeeper can do it.
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  7. @Fragarachu So you want a shopkeeper that sells enhancement stones and another shopkeeper that uses those stones to enchant your items? Sounds unnecessarily complicated.
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    The Second shopkeeper is not a npc that is from the plugin Shopkeeper.
    It's the NPC that is created from 1+ Enhance plugin. /1enh npc create to spawn at player's position.

    When right clicking it, A gui will open up with a lot of glass panes that you cannot put items to.
    But there is a slot, the gui is like Anvil but is not. The gui is a 1 chest gui.

    The first slot is the weapon, second slot is the stone. Then the third will be the result.
    If the enhancement is succesfull, the item will get a +1 or +2 so on until +13 on the beginning of the name (1+ sword)

    Each enhancement requires a lot of money, and each succesful enhancement will increase the price of the next enhancement from the same item with a bigger money.

    Each sucessful enhancement will increase the damage of the weapon. Sharpness 1 until 13 can do it depending on the enhancement level.
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