1.8 Update, what will happen to maps?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kalebubbles, Sep 7, 2011.

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    I'm just wondering if anyone knows what will happen.

    1.8 Will release. Everyone will update, plugins will be dead.

    I host a MineCraft server, will I have to create a new map to get the new features or will there be some way of updating the map to get the new chunks?

    Everyone will have 1.8 and I highly doubt everyone will have to create a new map, what options are there to keep your current map?

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    1.8 Update and plugins will still be alive D:

    Most plugins purely depend on the Bukkit API, which wont change it's events and stuff unless Notch completely rewrites his game ;D Only plugins that directly access the MineCraft server classes will need to be updated.

    We will have to see what gets added to 1.8, maybe someone can write a plugin to add it to an existing map, but most likely will you have to explore new chunks or create a new map.

    If I were you, IF you are going to do a map reset, wait for 1.9! 1.8 is only half of the adventure update, stuff like NPCs arent there yet :/
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    Not much, they will persist. Only thing I see happening is that transitions to "newly generated 1.8 chunks" will be messy with the changed biomecode.
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    NPC's...that is something I did not take into account. I wonder if Notch would 'populate' 1.8 built villages once 1.9 rolled out...or if you'd have a map loaded fulla ghost towns and you'd hear a cackle in the distance that you wasted your time and efforts by wiping for 1.8. :mad:
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    Like YAY 1.8 villages. 1.9 NPCS
    Notch: HAHA! Map wipe again XD
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    I gave Notch a jab into the support email about village chunk populating backwards for 1.9. See if it makes a difference.
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