1.8 Unstable CB Build?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by rockiesfan1234, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Hello guys I wanted to allow my players to play on the server with 1.8 so i created a temporary server with the server software that minecraft gives on the "download" page. It is vanilla so i cant really do anything. I went onto a server and the have an unstable build of CB for 1.8.1...can anyone provide me a link for that if there is one?
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    [​IMG] Very much so! Thanks for that, that's much nicer.
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    I think ill need the new bukkit (not craftbukkit).
    Is there a link too?

    Mfg Xenira
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

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    Bukkit is for plugin dev's to compile their code against. Crafbukkit is the actual server. You don't need bukkit.jar to run the server, only craftbukkit.jar.
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    CraftBukkit IS Bukkit.
    Bukkit.jar is something for unknown uses. You can't execute it using Java alone, and it's not read as a plugin (no plugin.yml) so it's SOMETHING. Probably for patching the 1.8 Vanilla :3
    ChatBukkit is a plugin and default that gets shipped with CraftBukkit inside the jar itself.
    The rest goes for the same. It's just Bukkit.jar thats odd.
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    bukkit.jar is the API
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    thx a lot.
    I'm a Developer so i will need the bukkit-snapshot.
    No it isnt craftbukkit is for the server bukkit for developer.

    Mfg Xenira
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    It's what the plugin developers use to create plugins! ^^
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