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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Zarlen, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Hello Developers,

    I'm trying to make a bossbar for my minigame, but I searched for many classes (all of them are 1.7) and I changed the imports to 1.8 and it doesn't give errors in Eclipse and Console but it wont work. It's because Minecraft bossbar for 1.8 is patched. So does someone have a good bossbar class for 1.8? Or maybe some packets (I'm kinda new to packets). I would thank you so much if you could help me.

    It doesn't matter or it's a dragon or wither, but I prefer wither.

    - Zarlen
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    I forgot to say it, I won't use API's. Just classes/packets only.
    These classes wont work for me.
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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

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    I Al Istannen

    @Zarlen @bwfcwalshy
    Also make sure the player is looking DIRECTLY at the Wither or enderdragon the whole time. It can be behind some blocks, but if the player's crosshair is not pointing at it, the bar may disappear.

    Just get a mod like Omiscience or any other thing showing invisble entities and join Hypixel or any other server with a boss bar. Then move your crosshair around.

    You will see a wither (or dragon) following your crosshair around the sky. If you down, it will be behind many blocks and the bar will disappear.

    So, you will constantly need to send updated movement packets as well.

    Why not use an API??
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    Could you guys give me an example of spawning a fake wither? I'm kinda new to packets.
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    If you don't like using APIs, why not just decompile the APIs so you can see how they work?
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    Or look at them on GitHub, or BitBucket, if they are on there. No need to deal with the decompilation mess.
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    Already did it, but it's too diffucult for me (packets), Bukkit is easy for me but packets aren't.
    Tried to use the classesm from the API, wont work. It's a big chaos when I get the classes because it has a 1.9 check, spigothack check, and that shit.
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    One reason to not use an API is so you can learn how the API was made itself.
    Also, lets say in Mineplex, the dragon is under you constantly... I was in 1.8 though (LiteLoader) does that matter?
    OOPS I had this open for about 4 hours; Ninja'd
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    I just need it...
  12. Packets are incredibly simple if you know what you're doing. As @bwfcwalshy said the link is: http://wiki.vg/Protocol#Boss_Bar
    Also, with the 1.9 update, the unofficial Bukkit/Spigot version allows you to add your own boss bar along with a color.
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