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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cormin, Sep 14, 2011.

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    EDIT: removed link =P

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    download speeds were going incredibly slow at first, apparently now their not.. sorry =P thought itd help
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    Indeed, get your build the normal way now that its working properly
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    Why would you waste time posting this? And use a shit service on top of that?


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    jesus guys calm down, just tried to help, i removed the link, forget it
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    Ignore them. You were trying to be helpful, and from what i've seen on many threads now misterman is a bit stressy with, well, everyone. Weird as he runs a noob help thread...
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    MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Because people who seek our help are actually worth helping :).
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    Just because someone doesn't "seek" your help though, why the need to shoot them down? If its a total noob posting a question about I dunno.. why he can't connect even though his console says the server failed to bind to port, then I can see why. They'd need to be put in their place, coz they can't run a server.

    But this guy was trying to help the community and do something useful in a time when the Bukkit download sever was lagging - whats so bad about that?
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    Yes, because there weren't already a gigantic documentation base explaining how to get any of the resources mentioned.
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    Still, why bother picking on people who are simply trying to help - is your life really so bad you can only make yourself feel good, by making others feel bad?
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    Most likely. But if you feel such displeasure, you can talk to the beard over

    <----- here
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    I'm fairly certain posting links to builds not hosted by Bukkit themselves is against forum rules...
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    I stopped trying to reason with them about 6 months ago :)
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    Oh wow. The guy tried to be helpful because, as he said, the download speeds were slow, and you guys are just dicks. Leave him alone, lol.
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    That may be true, but it is quite hard to find a definitive list of rules about the whole of Bukkit forums. Well, it was when I last tried... The only link rule I'm aware of is no adf.ly etc
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