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    I need this plugin for my server mc.xkits.net. BEFORE YOU SAY: Hey, there are TONS of free plugins out there (Link me about 10), I've seen almost all of them, and they all fairly big glitches. (No /leave, arena doesn't take them back to spawn, arena doesn't clear their inventory.)

    So I'm going to the one place I know best, BUKKIT!

    So here is my plugin req:
    Plugin category: PvP/Mechanics

    Suggested name: xDuels - Duelz - 1v1 - 1vs1

    What I want: This is a 1v1 plugin with features fitted perfectly for a kitpvp server. Say a player does /1v1 join. That puts them into a que that will match them up with other players in the que. If a player does /1v1 send {playername}, the other person can accept by using /1v1 accept {playername} (that sent). To leave the que, they do /1v1 leave. Once they have been matched up they get teleported to the the arena. (With two set spawnpoints /1v1 spawnpoint1(2). They have 2 minutes to kill each other, once one leaves/kills they get teleported to spawn. (Or a designated spawnpoint)
    Ideas for commands:
    PLAYER COMMANDS: 1v1.player.*

    /1v1 join - Joins the 1v1 que, letting players get matched up with others in que. Once matched up, they get teleported to a random arena (That's not full) If full all arenas full, display an error message. 1v1.player.join

    /1v1 leave - Leaves the 1v1 que, OR if in game, leaves and forfits game 1v1.leave

    /1v1 send {playername} - Sends 1v1 to specific player, if accepted takes both players to arena 60 second accept time. 1v1.send

    /1v1 accept {playername (that sent the request)} 1v1.accept

    /1v1 deny {denys all requests} 1v1.deny

    /1v1 stats - Shows Wins/Losses (If Possible rank EI Elo system OPTIONAL, Will love you though) 1v1.stats
    /1v1 top - Shows top 5 players (If elo, if not most wins)

    ADMIN COMMANDS 1v1.admin

    /1v1 create {arenaname} NOT CASE SENSITIVE
    /1v1 setpoint1 {arenaname} Sets the spawnpoint for the players when they get matched into an arena.
    /1v1 setpoint2 {arenaname} Second spawnpoint for the second player when they get matched into an arena.
    /1v1 setleavepoint {arenaname} Sets the place where players get teleported - Once the match is done/player leaves/player wins/player leaves game (When they relog they get tped)
    /1v1 setkit sets the items in your inventory to be the 1v1 kit.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP, Although take your time it seems like a big plugin.


    Max time per game: 2mins
    Config?: Yes please, but I more want to be able to customize the messages and colors for example:
    Prefix: &7[&b1v1&7]&b
    - ---[Stats]----
    - Wins: %wins%
    - Losses:%Losses%

    <Removed Skype>
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    What are bukkit alternitives
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