1.7 Minecraft Update Tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by slowmonkey1227, Jun 29, 2011.

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    From what I have seen, 1.7 is coming out tomorrow (Thursday, June 30, 2011). I hope this update won't mess up bukkit too much, but that isn't what I want to talk about. I just wanted to share with everyone what the new update shall provide! :)

    1. Pistons and Sticky Pistons! <3
    2. Shears- allow you to harvest wool from sheep without hurting them, destroys wool and leaves quicker, and, apparently, allows you to obtain leaf blocks!
    3. TNT is no longer activated by hand. You MUST use redstone or fire to ignite it. This now allows you to pick up a previously placed TNT!
    4.Fence Stacking! (Torches can be placed on fence, too)
    5. Repeater and redstone connection improvements!
    6. The textures for Cobblestone and Brick Blocks will be new!
    7. And just some bug fixes like the Clay bug...

    Let me know what you guys plan to do with the new additions! I'm interested to hear some piston ideas! ;)


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    Im not really looking to creating any plugins for the pistons. I have a few funny ideas for the shears haha.
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    Awesome! Let me know if you make one! I'll be interested to test it out. :)
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    Adventure update better be worth it, I believe my update thirst needs to be quenched soon.

    Also Notch Notch'd the 1.7 update, well at least it's coming.
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    Too bad for the FenceStack plugin, it will be useless now if fences can go on fences in the update.
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    Yeah I know. I use that now and it is really handy. At least now its in the actually game! :)
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    I love how in jeb_'s original demo video he attaches pistons to sticky pistons to create a secret passageway:
    (skip to 2:30)

    I find this idea to be deliciously meta and something that you could really make some cool stuff with. Looking forward to it =D
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    cant wait to try out pistons! have been a long wait for such mechanics, and it even works as a water valve. :D
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