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    Very pleased with the mojang team about this! Wonder when bukkits next RB will be! :D
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    I don't understand just a thing. I have my client upgrade to 1.7.3 and still can connect with a 1.7.2 server... Seems that I can connect to bukkit last build with both clients (1.7.2 and 1.7.3), Then some users can wait in 1.7.2 and duplicate blocks while others are in 1.7.3 and cannot duplitate anything. How can I block 1.7.2 clientes? maybe a bukkit build can do this?
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    yes me2 and i don't get nothing errors in console :look:
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    As long as the server is not updated, the bugs won't be fixed for both 1.7.2 and 1.7.3 clients, as the server is in control of what's happening :)

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    im glad the update is here but i think it took far to long to get here a whole week with what i would consider a game breaking bug is just not on in my book.
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    cool, just wait for a bukkit 1.7.3 build :)
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    whateves yo its here
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    worst thing is that @Jeb_ said in twitter on last saturday he has fixed the bug :(
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    yea i know annoying but w/e will have a bukkit in the next 12 hours no doubt then all will be forgiven :D
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    bukkit team rocks :)
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    Eagerly awaiting a new RB for 1.7.3, so i can enable meh pistons!
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    Theres a bed bug where you get offset and touching something 2 blocks high results in deadly pain and despair
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    Finally getting acknowledgement!
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    There is no minecraft-server-1.7.3.jar in artifactory. Where can I found it, or how can I make it myself?
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    Just a question, is anyone else experiencing major memory usage and lag in 1.7.2 ? And will this be fixed in 1.7.3 ?
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    Thx dinnerbone for the quick up for temp stable until you can release an official version. Also thank you notch lets hope no new bugs in this one.
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    Temp link: http://t.co/XgaPm4d
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    looks like its all just fixes so i dont think the bukkit server really needs to be updated. (a nice selection up updates as well.)
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    No, we definitely need a Bukkit update if people are able to connect with 1.7.2 and still use the piston bugs.
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    Does this mean those few ppl on my server with cracked accounts will no longer be able to play on my server if i update it?

    And if I update it to 1.7.3 will all my plugins work and will other ppl be able to play on it too?
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    Why would updating disable cracked accounts? It has no relation. They may have to update their cracked client though.

    Of course others can play on your server after updating..
    Your plugins should all work. On occasion something may break, but when it does just wait for the plugin developer to update it.
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    i think bukkit will bring out the new RB in less than a day, itsw a miner bug fix a class or too im guesing and bukkit team members are too talented
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    Nice typo there.
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    Ryan Palkovic

    Why do you allow people with cracked accounts to play on your server in the first place? It's as simple as setting online-mode to true in server.properties, isn't it?
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    im not born knowing english im sorry for my error u grammer freak!
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    lol...that one totally sailed over your head. He liked your typo because it connotates mining...which MINEcraft tends to have a lot of.
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    /shrug; some people don't have the money and or don't want to buy the game. I for one don't say to my friends that they can't play with me because they won't buy what I buy. I would be surprised if he is running a big server that allows cracked clients to connect, this is however most likely not the case.
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    anyone seen the bukkit dashboard jenkins? i see a 1.7.3 build but it also says they all failed. are builds 965-970 safe to test?
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    There's a new one, haven't tested it yet though. This one compiled clean it seems. #974.
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