1.7.2 Player name change without skin change

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by CorperateRaider, Dec 1, 2015.

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I would like to change the player name completely without changing his skin. Is it possible in 1.7.2 and how?
    I tried the PacketPlayOutNamedEntitySpawn + the player to entityplayer, but this entityplayer has no name value like in 1.5 anymore ;(

    Is there a way in 1.7.2 to do this? If not: is it possible to do this in 1.7.10? Or would I have to change to 1.6 or 1.5?

    I know a bit about scoreboards, but it seems they can only be shown under the name...

    EDIT: Tested:
    .setName - only changes the name in the chat
    .setCustomName - does nothing
    (.setListName - changes the name in the list)
    use TagAPI - changes skin, too
    send the PacketPlayOutNamedEntitySpawn - no name value in 1.7
    Scoreboards #Teams - only prefix and suffix
    Scoreboards #Undername - only under the name = doesn't effect the name
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  3. @CoolDude53 I will try :)

    @CoolDude53 so I tested it and it worked for pre- and suffixes, but can I change the name completely?
    (e.g. "XYZ" instead of "ABC")

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    Player#setCustomName(String s); ?
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    @CorperateRaider For 1.7 you can do this by packets, as far as I know destroying the player entity and spawning it back to the client few ticks later should work.

    Try using TagAPI anyway, it's better and easier.
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    Look at the JavaDocs for that method. It will tell you why that isn't an option.
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  7. First I thought the TagAPI wouldn't work because it uses ProtocolLib (saw elements of it in the code(import of com.comphenix.protocol in the ProtocolLibHandler))
    So there is now a good and a bad thing:
    Good: the TagAPI works for 1.7.2 (doesn't need ProtocolLib) and changes the name
    Bad: It changes the skin, too

    So my question stays the same.
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