1.6 coming next week!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by fffizzz, May 19, 2011.

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    Damn well there goes our latency. I don't exactly trust its going function with out creating MORE issues then its worth installing.

    For instance I dont like what seems to be a pixil by pixil generated map thats going chow done some seriouse mula and frankly SMP runs bad enough as it is due to notch being ingnorant to network code performance.

    Also there are a shit load more bugs then the 32 someting he posted as " ALL SP bugs fixed" there is at least 100 on the Wiki.

    I'm not getting my hopes up on nether working well since I would assume so far that the ghast issues are not fixed.

    Some might call me a hater but don't really hate I'm just one of the many that can see issues that deserve more attention sooner then some of the fixes he throws into updates. That and it's kind of like what I say to my wife when she questions why I somtimes show little faith, I simply say to her -

    "I judge based on past pretense and the past shows me something other then what your telling me is going to happen."

    I'm sure of the 32 bugs he has fixed there probably mostly graphical glitches or minor things like rain not putting fires out.

    I don't expect any CORE fixes since there have not been any jaw dropping standing applauseable Fixes for about 4 builds. I would actually be suprised if he fixed the overflow issues and wolves chewing ram and crashing servers along with the ancient bug of where lava hurts thru the block corners.

    Final thoughts so far.. Wonder if he fixed the stupidly simple floating point bug.
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    My main concern is how our server will behave with the 1.6 update. I don't like the idea of our users needing to roll their clients back to 1.5 every time they want to connect.
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    Im so exited :p
    I just can't hide it :p
    lol music reference.
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    Don Redhorse

    well take a guess that what the new client is for...

    but I would like to offer a bet.... I will offer a small furtune that people will ask 5 minutes after 1.6 is released where the updated bukkit build is and that they can't login to their 1.5 servers..
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    Yaaay, woooooh, yeeehaaaaa, yippiiii :D
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    The real question is Bukkit ready? Last time there was a scare since it took about a week (If I remember correctly) to update from 1.4 to 1.5 I think a Nether will allow our servers even more possibilities! @lethead900 I never saw my server having the issue stated with the Overpopulation however I have had issues with players farms when the creatures (mobs) spawn it seems to add a little lag to the server. Just remember if you are dedicated you must have a 1.5 server for your players in case they really want to play that bad. Minecraft is in Beta and I enjoy the work being put into the game, I would hate to go down after 1 little Beta update :D Lets wait until the real game comes out in November to really judge the game off it's problems.
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    I'm frightened.
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  10. I expect our server to be ready in 2 weeks after the release D= (plugin- and bukkit-wise)
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    What makes you think things will change then.
    It'll be the same as now without the word "beta" .... i doubt this game is going to go from all the bugs we have now to *PERFECT* in november. Itll just go back to Minecraft Version 1.0 lol without the beta, and then every 2-4 weeks. Minecraft version 1.1 Minecraft version 1.2
    This whole OMG MINECRAFT IN NOVEMBER RELEASE.... is marketing hype to continue with/increase new sales.
    Just my opinion. The whole "we are in beta" "minecraft coming out in november" blablabla, is all stupid. Minecraft already is out. Its for sale. It has a price. Period. Nothing magical will happen in november lol.
    Please do disagree with me, i will be happy to quote myself come november :)
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    I'm really, really worried about Bukkit's multiworld functionality being severely screwed up by the inclusion of the Nether in the vanilla game, and subsequently plugins being screwed up by whatever Bukkit needs to change to stay working.

    In the past a Bukkit break wasn't vital. My SMP server stayed online just running vanilla. But that won't fly now that we have multiple worlds...
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    Bukkit essentially runs its own interface, and the minecraft server can be adapted as necessary to suit that, so I wouldn't worry about plugins getting screwed. I do feel sorry for the bukkit devs having to handle the transition, though..
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    The only thing that will happen is that the price will be higher :D
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    Thomas Tan

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    My hope is that he releases 1.6 tomorrow, so that there will be a chance that Bukkit will be updated by Friday, which will be just in time for the upcoming 3 day weekend.
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    ummmm.... am i the only one who was blown away by the list of fixes. I know he should have never released with that many bugs but jesus. All i expected was a shitty map, i like the update details should be good. Im not worried about bukkit though as im not rolling into 1.6 till its released as a recommended build :) I learnt my lesson last time .
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    I'm actually excited for the new methods :) Configurable fog in server settings, Nether in SMP, I changed my mind...

    I'm excited!

    EDIT: *Dibs on a "The Mist" plugin* :D
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    The MIST, ooo sounds spooky. How bout as you walk a mist cloud surrounds you, so you can sneak past eenemies :)
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