1.6.2 ? Already?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Drumbalaya, Jul 8, 2013.

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    1.6.2 is out now. Wow.

    Too bad my old CB 1.5.2 isn't working for me anymore.
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    Ummmm.... ya. -_-
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    Just happened last night. ugh. Ill let y'all know if i find anything on 1.6.2
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    For some reason my bukkit server is not working without 6.1.2. It has an x over the status on multiplayer and says next to it 1.6.1. Do I not need an update on bukkit?
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    put your client back to 1.6.1. You need a 1.6.2 server to login with a 1.6.2 client. There is no 1.6.2 bukkit (at the time of this post) so you can't use 1.6.2 to login.
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    That makes sense . How do I get 1.6.1 when I have 1.6.2 though?
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    Start the minecraft launcher -> edit profile -> Use version: release 1.6.1
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    Okay thanks a lot
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    They release it damn fast. Give the programmers who made bukkit some time xD ... jesus
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Minecraft, where there's updates every week. Smilar to 1.4.
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    I think this was mainly to fix the sprinting bug. :-p
    Don't see why the protocol needed changing.
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    Oh dude that bug was so annoying...
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    Mojang's double-tap releases have been annoying; the past few versions have been like this. Props to Bukkit Dev for keeping up with it, though.
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    There were updates with signs and a few other things that prompted it.

    In any case, updated! Hoorah!
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    I noticed the "Custom fonts look better" fix. I use Misa's resource pack for 1.6.1 and the font was fine.. then 1.6.2 releases and the font is 8 bit.. how was that a fix? :eek:
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    I didn't understand what was wrong with sprinting but some people did mention it. I told them it was a feature :p
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