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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zolteex, Mar 16, 2013.

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    I have heard rumors saying that because of a new packaging system craftbukkit has implemented, that it will stop almost all plugins from working on every server with the update. My most essential plugins are of course essentials, permissionsex, Bending, MobArena, and Towny. Will update cause these plugins not to work?
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    im using bukkit devbuild right now. towny and essentials, neither getting problems.
    the only plugins that would break would be plugins calling to craftbukkit and to NMS, which generally you shouldnt do it.
  3. All plugins is working fine on my server, even Towny.

    I used a Costum class for my WorldEdit NMS and it worked perfectly.
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    Ok thanks guys
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    Fixed it. It only breaks plugins that rely on methods not in the bukkit API, such as NoCheatPlus, disguising plugins, Orebfuscator, Silkspawners, etc. Most plugins will work, but it just depends on whether that plugins is using NMS code or not. Best way to see? Start up a test server, drag in the dev build of 1.5, start the server and see which plugins generate errors on startup. I think towny is one of the plugins that will break until it updates, but I'm not sure. Bending I am almost sure will break, considering what it does.
    Edit: I guess towny works fine on version updates.
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    My plugins all work fine except for one or two, im just waiting for those to be updated.
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