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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Cacau_2000, Oct 22, 2012.

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    I dont know if this is the right forums, but:
    -When is 1.4 coming out?
    -What do i do with my server when it update (plugin, worlds etc.)
    Answer pleaseeeee
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    Minecraft 1.4 is out on October 24th. bukkit 1.4 is out whenever it is finished. They can't start until 1.4 is released. As for updating, just update craftbukkit and see if anything breaks (it shouldn't). If it does break, wait for the plugin to update
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    No, if you started up minecraft, you would see a big red box saying they are having technical issues.
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    No, the story of Bukkit is rather cool to here. But, Bukkit, as of last updates, might take a while to update. Don't post topics on "When the update comes out" unless you want threads locked. What you do is:
    1. delete the craftbukkit.jar in your server folder
    2. Get the new CraftBukkit.jar
    3. Put the new CraftBukkit.jar in the server folder
    • make sure the name is the same as the last one.
    • you might have to get the newer version of the certain plugins you have
    • plugins updates is just the same as updating a server, delete the .jar and replace it with the new one
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    @widawizz I have like... 40 plugins...
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    Plugins don't break when there is an update. Only Bukkit does.
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    But 1.4 was released October 19th, (As stated by mojang anyway) ( http://mojang.com ) - "This release is the full 1.4, intended to prepare server admins and mod makers" [ It would be a little silly for bukkit to wait until the 24th to begin working on 1.4, Don't you agree] ?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    1.4 prerelease (which will likely be the final release) is out, but updating Bukkit takes time. Don't expect Bukkit to update until after 1.4 final release.
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    I was just confused as to if they started bukkit on the 19th when the pre came out. Or if they were playing it safe and waiting til the 24th to start the update. (Just to make sure mojang doesn't make a 1.4.1, ect).
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    mbaxter they could use the 1.4 pre release, couldn't they???
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    They are currently working on Bukkit for 1.4. Please be patient, as there is no eta on a release.
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    Nathan C

    Good god, Minecraft 1.4 is not even out and you are asking for a Bukkit version of it? *facepalm*

    No, is today the 24?.....

    You can't play it, because the Amazon cloud went down and totally messed up the login servers..
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    Nathan, your signature threw me off for a second :p Anyway, don't rush the Bukkit team, they want to get a build out when Minecraft updates just as much as you want to get your hands on it. I will be telling the players on my server not to update their game until we get a Bukkit build for 1.4. If they don't listen, oh well :rolleyes:
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    Snapshots - awesome, but at the same time we get posts like you see here, where 1.4 isn't out yet and we already get asked when it will be released.


    ASAP. Probably not any sooner, because that would break the definition of ASAP.
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