1.4.6 WorldEdit?

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    Hello, I recently updated my server to 1.4.6 RO1. But now I can't access Worldedit. In my server, Worldedit is like our life blood. Does anybody have a worldedit.jar that is 1.4.6?

    This is the error:
    "Please report this error: [See Console]
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraft/server/block"

    I know this is an update error because when I tried WorldEdit with a new version of 1.4.5, it didn't work. Then, when I backtracked to the version I used before I got the new version of 1.4.5, it worked perfectly.
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    Just wait. It's a huge project so it's understandable that it wouldn't be updated yet. When an update comes out, it is customary to wait until the plugins are updated (at least the ones which broke) until you update.
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    Be patient. If you really need it soon, you could try the unstable version, but if you are willing to wait, just wait until the stable version comes out.
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    I think rewuesting updates is against the rules.
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    I thought that was only for Craftbukkit updates. TnT any say on this?
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    Worldedit works for me why would it need to be updated even the developer of worldedit is still updating it this post is pointless.
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    Isn't there a prerealese for World Edit
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    Does anyone know around what date that final version will be done and compatible for 1.4.6?
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    my friend and i found a way around it, he will be uploading it shortly.
    i hope it works for you all, cause it worked for us.
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    Just use the dev build of worldedit it works perfectly. -_-
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    I have a stable build of WE and WG that have been running on my server since 1.4.6 came out. If anyone wants, I can upload it tonight.
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    But what is the point? When the developer of WE and WG has a build that works on 1.4.6?
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    I never managed to get it working.
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    It works perfectly and I beleive that WG and WE is under a licence so editing it is illegal (tell me if im wrong)
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    It is open source -.-

    Also, it works far from perfectly on my server.

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    That has nothing to do with it's the license. In this case it's the GNU General Public License. And it does restrict modifications and redistribution.
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    try TheRealDonutKing on youtube, he has a guide to fix this issue he had.
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    Whats the issue there is a working dev build that you can download and use for 1.4.6?
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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    Why would you need a guide just go to the link provided above and download the dev build
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    Yeah thats what im saying.

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