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    Hello and welcome to my first ever plugin that will be released to the public!​
    So far we have begun developing this plugin and it will be done ASAP​
    So you are asking.​
    What is this plugin about?​
    What are the features?​
    Will it be up to date often?​
    Well I am about to answer all of your questions shortly.​
    Title of plugin: CustomRPG​
    This is a RPG plugin that gives you a feeling that you need to play it more often and you get addicted. Of course the whole thing is customizable so you or players on your server will feel good when playing!​
    and more to come!​
    None so far​
    Q: Will this plugin be up to date when a new version of Bukkit comes out?​
    A: This plugin will be updated ASAP and will never be abandoned as being used for our own server!​
    Q: What server are you using this plugin on?​
    A: Currently we are not going to give out the IP until we have the basic features finished and in BETA​
    Q: How can I get my questions answered?​
    A: Comment on this thread and we will get back to you ASAP​
    Q: How much of this is customizable?​
    A: Almost all of it! In the config you will be able to disable any part of the plugin, edit a part of the plugin to do certain things, or even make new quests/classes!​
    Q: When will this be finished/in BETA testing?​
    A: Hopefully this plugin will be finished and in BETA testing around 2/01/13​
    Have a question still unanswered? Comment down below!!!​
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    Dude sounds like a great idea! One thing i don't like about heroes is i have to also use factions so players like can make clans and not harm each other because of AOE spells. If you can try add dungeons too that would be very good. Be sure to make many skills/spells like in the heroes plugin!
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    Thanks for your feedback! So your wanting lots of spells/skills.
    About the dungeons. Are you wanting something like the randomly spawned spawner rooms but with like a boss?
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    Nice. I will like to see this out :) since Heroes stopped their public development, this could be a replacement.
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    Currently working with #2561 1.4.6-R0.1 BETA Build. Once the recommended build comes out it will get us a step closer to making this plugin!
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    Dungeon with mobs and maybe if you could a boss at the end then once you have like killed the boss you will be given a reward like money or items. But like these dungeons will make an instance for only you or the group your in. So like you have to make a group then the instance (dungeon) will be made on a different world then once you have done the dungeon it will be removed.
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    sounds awesomee
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    Ok so this is what I am getting from this.
    1.There will be dungeons spread over the world (there will be 3 worlds created for each race (normal, nether, end)
    2.With each race their will be different mobs.
    3.When dungeon has been defeated and all items gained from the dungeon and there is no player within 30 block radius of the dungeon it will remove all special things that was made of the dungeon (so like if you have your mine and it goes through there the items that were left there will be removed and the mine will not be covered up)

    Question: For the end are you wanting a different boss for the races or the Ender Dragon with different health/abilities?

    Thanks! I can't wait till this is finished!
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    can i be the tester?

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