1.4.2 Bugs i have discovered

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mpain0, Oct 28, 2012.

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    hello i'm new here and i have been playing on the 1.4.2 server. I have found these bugs:
    bug 1: chests dont open
    bug 2: you can't fire arrows from a bow
    bug 3: can't shear sheep
    bug 4: levers don't work
    bug 5: no death
    bug 6: no player in-game commands
    bug 7: no killing animals
    bug 8: no sleeping
    bug 9: no tnt explosions
    bug 10: redstone torches don't work
    bug 11: blocks can't be picked up
    bug 12: you can't use a furnace
    bug 13: enchanting doesn't work
    bug 14: can't eat food
    bug 15: pressure plates don't work
    bug 16: buttons don't work
    bug 17: you can't go into the nether
    bug 18: you can't see other players
    bug 19: you can't see other player's recent structures
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    Lolwut. Really??
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    I'm just as confused. I just updated and everything seems to work fine.
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    Is craftbukkit recommended build coming out today for 1.4.2
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    They seem to work for me
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Retired Staff

    Bugs for me, I think essentials is the cause though:

    1) When renaming items in an anvil, if you switch gamemodes it expires.
    2) Armor color changes (leather) when switching gamemodes
    3) The wither can get in a loop of never-ending health regen
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    Working as intended.

    (i kid, i kid :p)
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    Sounds more like your server is not responding or has crashed! Try a reload.
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Retired Staff

    Oh it actually regains health?

    0_0 fffuuu
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    nono, that was a joke, lol.
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    i deleted my plugins and i'll see how it goes. thanks guys!
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    mpain what are you talking this is 1000% Wrong (-:
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    On my server commands didnt work for a few minutes but i fixed that by deleting and reinstalling my permission plugin but all the other things work fine and i have essentials so that has not done anything. The one thing I have found is that withers cant spawn (Which is a good thing means i dont need to get a plugin.)
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    Infamous Jeezy

    The wither spawned fine for me, did you make sure your server isn't on peaceful mode?
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    no it isnt on peacefull mode because other mobs spawn but dude dont help me haha i dont want it to be able to spawn people will just spawn heaps and grief the server. But thanks for being nice and helping.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    These are all problems with the plugins you run. We do actually test dev builds to make sure the majority of functionality is there before we release it for public consumption.
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    dont start blaming random plugins please.
    essentials doesnt tinker with any of these functions.
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    Do you have disguisecraft? That's what caused it for me.
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    I got 40+ plugins whenever I try 1.4 build commands are gone, players complain about lag... could any of my plugins be doing this? I just updated disguisecraft but haven't tested with it yet.
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    Error on attachment, and it could be Disguisecraft (if you have it).
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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    Go through and check your plugin list
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    ZeusAllMighty11 Retired Staff

    Weird, because when I remove essentials.jar it doesn't do it.

    Switching gamemodes WITH essentials takes away custom names...
    Switching gamemodes WITHOUT essentials keeps 'em...

    Hmmm? ;)
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    I think this is a serious case of "lag". Or possibly the server not having a good connection/being slow.
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    cannot replicate this, at all.
    essentials uses the bukkit API given gamemode change, so everything that changes gamemode wouldve caused same error.
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    You got a really weird server, We can do all of that. Also in the first 1.4.2 build
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    1: they work fine for me.
    2: i fire arrows a lot... works fine too.
    3: Shears work perfect, just built a wool hut using them.
    4: Levers are fine.
    5: Death works perfectly... trust me...
    6: All player in game commands work, as long as you have permission for them.
    7: I killed many sheep after shearing them... then I moved on to cows... then creepers... even killed a wither boss...
    8: Sleeping works great, I sleep every night in the game.
    9: TNT explodes perfectly.
    10: Redstone torches work just like levers do. Perfectly.
    11: I pick up tons of blocks... obviously. Wool from shearing, for starters.
    12: Furnaces work fine... I just replaced a bunch of windows, and made iron bars just this morning.
    13: Enchanting is fine... including flaming arrows that I am totally able to fire from my bow.
    14: Eating... works great. The new cookies are awesome.
    15: Pressure plates are used on almost every door on my server... all work fine.
    16: Buttons... like levers... and redstone... work fine.
    17: Nether works. We had a blaze rod farming session just last night.
    18: We all saw each other just fine while farming blaze rods in the nether.
    19: We all saw everything we all built... in real time...

    Sounds to me like you either have a permissions issue, or your server is having file rights issues.
    Bukkit is not broken in any of these ways... I would have to chalk this one up to "USER ERROR".
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    I am having much the same issues.
    For players
    chests won't open
    no death
    no killing animals
    blocks can't be picked up, even from your own inventory
    you can't use a furnace
    can't eat food

    As op, I do not have these issues
    I have not checked the other problems, because I took the server off public use, so I will have to check later when I have more time.
    I did update a few plugs, I will lists later (no time now) as well as switch to the latest dev build.
    I have taken the build back to 4 previous builds, no change. I have started removing plugs one by one with no change as of yet.
    Again I will list later gotta go for now.
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