1.3 Permission/Essentials WORKING!!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by g0rdon, Aug 5, 2012.

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    i got essentials and group manager working in my 1.3 server, to see how to do thind i posted a video, it works best if you can actually view it on youtube, so you can see the steps in the description!
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    uhm this has been working since the dev build was released. btw Group manager config file. Mirror worlds would save you alot of headaches.​
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    I realise that but not everybody knows that, some people will think that the plugin has to update untill it is usable in a 1.3 server.
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    Great, I wait a few hrs now the text is in bold and red.
    Could you kindly edit that, please.
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    i changed the text to black and its no longer bold! your welcome :)
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    Since it's exactly like it was in 1.2.5, was it really necessary to make another tutorial since there's 30 other ones that are 10x better than this one?

    Not hating, just think it's a little useless.
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    because i found all the vids i watched too long and too confusing, so hopefully this method will help others that find it hard to work.
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    there is an error in your groupmanager > worlds > world > groups.
    then find the line that says - essentials.tptoggle and there is a space at the end of tptoggle which you have to delete.
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