1.3.1 Buckets are Buggy

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Mr. X, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Mr. X

    I had updatet my Server very fast after the first 1.3.1 Build, i know, that it's buggy. But now i have a problem.Anyone can place Lava & Water only with buckets(i think that Buckets are not ready for 1.3)
    now i seach a Solution, to block buckets. I teset Modifyworld + PeX but that doesen't works.
    Did anyone have a solution for me?
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    Plugins don't update just because the Bukkit updated their software. The developers have to update their plugins themselves ... and they usually wait for a recommended build in order to do that.
    So, whatever plugin you are using to block lava and water, it needs to be updated.
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    You can Use World Guard plugin Its Working for me on 1.3.1 then go on do its config and disable lava buckets and flow...

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