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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by VanillaSnack, May 21, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I looked it up here and I think iConomy will work but there is no 1.2.5 release atm... or am I wrong ?

    I use Essentials.Signs for the Shop... I dunno if this is better as iConomyChestShop (?) but only signs require less space... please correct me

    Is there something you can show me ?
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    Nope doesnt work.... gives me mass of errors in the console
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    Can you give some more information? What version server do you run? What plugins? What is the error?
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    iConomy 1.2.4 gives me mass of Java Errors in the console... ingame is an "internal error" while trying /money ;D
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    I'll say up front that I have iConomy running with the most recent Bukkit recommended build with no issues.

    You'll need to post the specific errors you're getting if you want help. You can use Pastebin:
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    I put the .jar in the plugin folder .... I start the server

    I type "/money" ... and "an internal error occured" etc.

    pls tell me...

    how should I copy from within cmd >.>
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    Probably the easiest way is to open server.log and find what you need. You can also usually highlight (or in Winodws right click and select "mark" then highlight) and press enter in your prompt/terminal.

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