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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XMB Pax, Mar 22, 2012.

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    XMB Pax

    I recently put the new 1.2.4 Craft Bukkit on my Minecraft server.
    When I try to use the command /pl or /plugins it kicks you and gives you this:
    Is this a bug in Craft Bukkit or does anyone know how to fix this?
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    This same error it me in a different way;

    CB for 1.2.4

    Joined, took out the new wood block, played with it, logged out with it in my hotbar, and cannot login for this error now. I had to delete my user profile in the world folder and essentials, and empty my inventory.
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    I think it has something to do with the craftbukkit title.. Remove the snapshot part :! But I'm not sure.. So it should be called: craftbukkit.jar
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    Mine is called craftbukkit.jar but I still get the same errors with /warp, /plugins, and a long message in-game. Every command seems to only kick the person who says it but typing a long sentence will kick everyone.
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    I am well aware, I've used the same batch file to start all the way from Hey0 days. I think this error is related to the protocol changes.
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    i can confirm this, everybody gets kicked if a chat is too long

    has anybody else the error that you see the new sandstone blocks as normal sandstone when you place them?
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    Yea, this same thing is happening to me. Its getting kinda dumb. If anybody has a fix, please post it here!
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    whats happening to you? my sandstone prob or getting kicked
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    Getting the same error on my server... not going to try to do and of the commands... but this does need to get fixed!

    EDIT: did /plugins... got the error
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    Well, to be honest I just play around and it kicks me. I told all my players to be quiet. Nobody talked and it kicks us. I placed the new blocks and that didn't do anything...

    The odd thing is I played other servers and they aren't having this problem...
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    We're a big server and many of our players are unable to join due to this error, fix it please, URGENT!

    Internal exception: Java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (122 > 119)
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    If people are trying to join your server but are prevented by the string too long error, and you run essentials or any other plugin that adds a MOTD upon login,

    Clear your MOTD. This allowed more then half of my regulars to login and play, it seems to be the long string that's tripping out the client protocol.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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    I do not have essentials I use command book.. I don't think that has an MOTD? If it does how do I clear it?
    Sometimes when I start the server it won't even start properly..
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    Look for "autmessages.properties" or something along those lines.

    Also, thanks n30nex. That stopped kicking everybody. Now we just need a chat update!

    Good news though, bukkit is releasing an update every like 15 minutes so hopefully my host and your hosts keeps up with them...
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    Its all fixed with the latest version!

    I made my host update it and the chat error does not happen anymore.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    That's why we call them dev builds.

    Use at your own risk.
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    yes i have the same error and only 4 people can play on my server at once its kinda gay actually it needs to be fixed once it gets fixed though guys join my server
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    Nice huge text... I posted a fix above... also I believe the team have now fixed it so get the latest build or the first build for 1.2.4 from this link http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/list/dev/
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    I cleared the MOTD in Essentials and it started working.
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    You shouldn't have to do it with the first build I linked before... try one of the new builds too
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    Now it's kicking everyone every 15 minutes or so (almost every player) and giving them the same error. They can reconnect immediately though.
    Edit: I realized whenever someone types a chat message that's too long, it kicks everyone from the sever.

    I'm using Beastnode and it doesn't look like they have an option to install specific builds, you just click the "update" button in the control panel and it updates to the latest one.
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    Use the new dev builds, FYI using a dev build is at your own risk.
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    And so is using any other build, recommended or beta.
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