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    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version: 1.13.2

    Suggested name: Door-Management

    What I want:
    BEFORE NOTE; all these commands can only work while looking at a door, please put a message saying, and if they have perms to look at a door while executing that command

    An admin or someone with permission can give Door ownership to a player with /admindoor addowner username (if you can do this, see if it can auto-detect a door next to it, like connected doors, side by side, if not it's fine)
    When this user has Ownership of that current door, they can do the following commands;
    /door adduser - (This will give the user access to open that specific door, also message that user saying they have perms to that door)
    /door removeuser - (This will remove the user's access to that door, also message that user saying they have been removed from that door)
    /door list - while looking at the door will list all users who have access to open the door, list with usernames, -- do &e (yellow) for who the owner of the door is, apart from that do &a (light-green) for any other users who have access too the door)
    /door removeall, this will remove all other users from the door besides the owner, message all users on that door who get removed)
    for any online user's notify them for getting added/removed

    /admindoor help (will list all the commands explaining what they do, the admin and non-admin commands, try to make the admin and non-admin commands stand out differently
    /admindoor remove username - this will remove a specific user within a admin's doing
    /admindoor removeall - this will remove all users
    /admindoor addowner username ( add's a owner to the door who can do all the regular door commands )
    Admins can add themselves as owner's to the door

    Ideas for permissions: admindoor.all (all permissions for admins) door.all (all permissions for the door commands) MAKE SURE THAT THE USER HAS TO BE AN OWNER OF THAT DOOR, GIVEN BY AN ADMIN TO DO ANY OF THE REGULAR DOOR COMMANDS;

    Ideas for commands: /door adduser | /door removeuser | /door list | /door removeall | /admindoor addowner | /admindoor help | /admindoor remove user | /admindoor removeall | /admindoor addowner

    Ideas for permissions: for all the permissions just take the commands and add a ( . ) between door / admindoor and the other part!

    When I'd like it by: Take your time, but I hope for within the next two months!
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    In the past there used to be some nice plugins dedicated to handling door/trapdoor/chests access permissions, like Lockette. I'm not sure if they survived the years I've been absent from Minecraft devlopment (returned just recently), but if they did survive, then trying them out is really worth it.

    Besides, if your server has any player clan/group plugin, it could handle doors for guilds or clan members, not only single players. Maybe it would be more useful to have a plugin linked to such a clan/group plugin, or to have a plugin handling both features: clans and access.
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    I've been recommended a plugin that I won't say, but it cost money, this isn't for public use, I want it where admins can give door permissions to a user so they can manage it. I asked this user of the plugin, this plugin, if they can add a command instead of just using an item to set a lock on a door / chest, if they do I'll mark this thread as complete and go ahead and go do that option instead as it'd be a waste of time to make this if there is already an existing plugin that does what I want.

    Also thank you for your advice for those plugins, I do plan on using lockette for my server either way for a different reason.


    I say public use as in public-player use, a admin specific thing

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