1.0.0 RB Release date?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Jacobems, Nov 18, 2011.

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    :p ik i just came out but do you know when bukkit will be updated for 1.0.0? thx.
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    The Bukkit team is currently working on it live at Minecon from their booth. Just be patient they are working hard. :)
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  3. Bukkit for 1.0.0 will be released at Minecon 2012.
    It's done when it's done. Just wait for it.

    EDIT: congratulations on being the first of many.
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    I don't think any of the team know yet- I urgently suggest everyone to email them AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Or they might not notice your email! PM them, email them, find their facebook/google+ and message them there. Do it as much as possible. Warn your friends- we must inform them!

    If anyone falls for this i'll seriously laugh and point.
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    Don't forget to make another forum topic about this in an hour just so that it will get pushed to the top! Be sure to PM all of the staff and ask them personally when they know because it's obvious they will know exactly when their builds will work.

    But seriously, it's common courtesy around here to wait a week before getting impatient about it. Even then, there's still nothing you can do to make them do it faster. They're trying. Give them a break, please.
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    It's shitheads like you, OP.
  8. Whoa, whats the reason to call him a shithead ?
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    The Bukkit team is working on a release for Minecraft 1.0 already, you don't have to ask, it will be released the same as any RB (which is to say, publicly with quite a few notifications) when it is ready.

    Thank you for being patient while they work.
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    you know to stop all these threads the staff should just make a thread saying YES WE ARE WORKING ON IT CHILL.
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    Lets have a game to guess when they are ready :3
    I guess in a week :D
    Hopefully it'll be done by then
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    Nathan C

    Would say 5 days for RB.
  14. We can't know for sure. It's done when it's done. End of story.
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    Do we know when a build will be available on ci.bukkit.org? I'd like to at least start fooling around even if its not stable.
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    We don't.
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    We do not know, as has been stated, they are doing their panel at the moment, so no work is being done at this very moment
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    Be patient, good lord.
    Their literally sitting doing interviews as we speak.
    Everytime theres an update these kinds of threads get posted.
    You arent paying them, they are in no way shape or form obliged to get a release out a few hours after a major update comes.

    I understand just wanting to know a release date, but you should probably look around the community a bit, learn how stuff works, and just chill. They're definitely not sitting at minecon in their booths programming and pushing updates.

    EDIT: Someone who was at the panel said this:
    • Bobtheawesomeone: has someone asked the dreaded question? when does 1.0 come out, timed out for a bit
    • BroadcastCurleys: they are working now. said sometime next week when they get home
    • Bobtheawesomeone: ok
  20. @TnT You might aswell lock this thread aswell. Everything that needs to be said, has been said.
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    Seriously I can't believe that the thread got to this state soo quickly
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