0 Visibility Mining? Kick! Prevent people using see in the dark clients (Read on)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Harry8550, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Hey! There is a plugin which broadcasts to admins (or players if config'ed) what the certain player has mined and how much % visibility they mined it in.


    I was wondering if you could use this plugin (or create a new one) which broadcasts the visibility and material mined like normal, but auto kicks (or bans, jails, freezes - can be configed) them if its below 10% , 20% etc (configurable)

    Im sure alot of admins would LOVE this plugin as there is nothing that really stops people from using xray hack to see in the dark. You'd probaly get alot of donations too;p

    Thanks alot
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    FYI: This is 0 visibility:


    while it may look like nothing is visible, things are still visible.

    More important, when playing on full brightness, with the vanilla client, and a bright enough monitor, you can still see stuff.
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    If you've ever had FoundBoxx, you'd know that it only logs Coal,iron,Gold,Diamond,Redstone and lapis lazuli. I don't want to kick people mining grass in 0% visibility, just the ores ^^.
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    I can see everything clearly in that picture... and if you put ores in i could still see them... That's how i mine. what would happen to the innocent people who ran out of torches? how do you know they werent JUST out of range? i think it's pretty flawed :\ just my opinion
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    You can see clearly in that picture? Wow... I just want a plugin which warns me and kicks them because they mine in 0% visibility. I don't like people using xray nor 'see in the dark' client mods. I want people to use torches. 0% should be Complete darkness tbh.

    So anybody can do this or not?
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    FoundDiamonds does this
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    How about cancelling the block break event in 0 lighting, forcing them to use torches?
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    This is stupid. All I need to do is turn my monitor gamma up and I can see in the dark just fine.
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    Yea, I mine all the time in the dark.
    I went and dug down to 30, tossed in some diamond to show what it looks like..this is vanilla MC client, no mods just brightness on "bright"

    So to kick people mining in 0 for hacking, would get a lot of fake positives, and make you suspicious of totally innocent people.
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    There are several plugins I've seen which do this. I have FoundDiamonds installed but I disabled this feature since even I mine in the dark sometimes. If you want a plugin to stop users from using x-ray texture packs and wallhacking and stuff, Orebfuscator does a good job. Just be careful if you're testing it on a slow computer, it'll lag your client. (which is an added bonus really since it can crash the cheater's client)
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    its not possible to stop peopling from using xray texture packs and wallhacking, You could force torches. in that way they cant mine that fast for diamonds becaus they need coal for torches first.

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