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    Welcome. This is a hub plugin. Basically i want to be able to create words that stay in chat, and upon clicking execute commands or show text.
    /cc create (word) //These need to be able to be color coded and use all characters

    /cc (word) -c (command) //This allows that when the specified word is clicked, it makes the player execute the // specified command.

    /cc (word) -t (text) //This allows that when the specified word is clicked, a text appears(for that player only).

    Also, when multiple words are made, they should be separated by this (spaces included) " | ". Also this should stay in chat with Equals signs over and above the words. The words or equal signs should never disappear, and players chat should go around them.
    Here is an example: http://gyazo.com/b4c5142c78f3f4af25e87b267d4fe6ac

    Let me run you through two examples. One Player side and another operator side.

    A player clicks factions. He is automatically transferred to the Factions world.

    A player clicks creative, but that world hasn't been set up yet so instead of being transferred to the creative world, a text appears reading "This world is not ready yet!"

    Ok now operator side:

    On the first example above, I would create it as follows:

    /CC create &8[&4Factions&8]
    Then I would: /CC &8[&4Factions&8] -c mvtp factions

    On the above command, &8[&4Factions&8] is the word im choosing to assign the command to, -c specifies that i'm doing a command word, and the "mvtp factions" is the command.

    On the second word, I made it to where when the Clicked Creative it just shows text, because it wasnt ready yet.

    I would set it up as follows:

    /CC create &8[&2Creative&8]

    /CC &8[&2Creative&8] -t This world isn't ready yet!

    When clicked, the word shows the message "This world isn't ready yet!

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    I'm having exact same thing on my server except I'm not using chat!

    I'm using CompassNavigation plugin that allows me to make GUI menu so player can right click on the compass (or anything else you want) and the server menu will open. then you can put any item you want in it.
    You can set it in the config file so for example when player click on the grass block, the plugin will execute a command (from player or console) and teleport the player to your Skyblock world. it could be any command like /warp skyblock.
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    I'm aware of this plugin, however I was hoping to break away from the norm.
    Anyone want to help me out with this.
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    Unfortunately, this is not possible without client modification at the moment. There is a workaround (post all recent messages to the player), but this would be very taxing to the server (you'd have to store a list of 100+ recent Chat packets sent to each player) and somewhat obnoxious to the player (as all recent messages show up briefly before fading away, rather than just the new messages doing so).

    Otherwise, your request is fairly simple. For example, you could use a compass (or other item) like davewolax suggested and use that to execute a command which posts the list of worlds in chat. (From there, all functionality suggested would be identical.)
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    Are you sure? I've seen someone do it before with command blocks and another plugin. I tested it myself. So, I'm thinking this might be complex, but could be very possible.

    Any1 :'(

    Look at Mcctf.com They have permanent chat.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Ausbuild Please don't triple post or bump within 24 hours.
    Logging the chat messages and other packets isn't something your server will like.
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    Sorry, I wasn't purposefully bumping it, but I have seen this done without creating Lag.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Was more talking about the memory. And resending the packets.
    This plugin has to save ... messages per player. With 200 players that is a lot.

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