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    I am working on a RPG server and I would like to have my main boss die like an Enderdragon. The thing I want is to allow certain death animations for certain mobs/NPC's. I have a NPC using the "Citizens" plugin which looks like a regular player. I want it to float up and decay in the sky then burst into a bright light just like the Enderdragon.

    This is what I want so far, but in the future if someone could make other animations like, mobs flashing like TNT then exploding, or burning on the floor when they die. Basically just cool different death styles instead falling down on the floor and "poofing" away.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could make this me.


    PS: I would also like it if you can make NPC's or mobs gain health from ender crystals like the Enderdragon.

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    I don't think this is possible with Bukkit.
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    It is, but the mobs gainign health from ender crystals not.
    Thats is client-side.

    For the mobs burning and falling through the ground i could take a look for you.
    I gues thats is possible if you are using an EntityControler (from BKCommonLib)

    If you want me to do this, pm me.
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    When you create this plugin, please share the code. I'm interested in how you would do those things. :)
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    If you spawned an invisible ender-dragon at the location of the NPC, the beam could visually go towards the mob. Decaying of the player, perhaps just create an illusion with constant explosions in mid-air, and people wouldn't see the thing disappear.
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    i never got a pm :p
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    I don't want you to make it per se, but if you do, I would like you to share ;)
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    Ill see when i got enough time

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