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    Do /ctg join for Teleporting to the Lobby - Message: "Welcome in the Lobby!"
    Do /ctg leave for leave the Arena - Message - "Sucefully leaved %arena%!"
    Do /ctg join <arena> green/blue/random for join the Game - "Sucefully joined %team% on %arena%!"
    Do /ctg shop for Open the Shop:
    Diamondword - 9$ - [1]
    Bow - 4$ - [2]
    Arrows - 5$ - [3]
    Item - Price - [ID]
    Do /ctg buy <id> to buy the ID

    You can only Play 4vs4

    How to win? You got a Base and a enemy Base, you must attack the enemys and go into they'r base.
    Into the Base you found a Bedrock with an Item stay on this Bedrock (Diamond for Blue team and Emerald for Green team). If you get this Gem you must go back to your Base and drop this Gem on your own Bedrock.
    So you won 1 Round of 3 and all Players in your Team get 5 coins and you become 10 coins. If you kill a Player you become 2 coins.

    Admin things:
    Do /ctg create <name> for create an Arena
    Do /ctg select <arena> to select the Arena
    Do /ctg setgem - holding a Gem(Diamond or Emerald) and drop these on a Bedrock
    for Place the Gem...
    Into the Game you cannot open the Shop and you can't leave the game.

    For Play this game you must clear your Inventory, must have gamemode 0 and full Health

    Please add the Messages for all things like:

    "The enemy got your gem" or so, this message can be change in a Config
    In this you can change the Rounds and more

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    Capture the flag?
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    Yes ;D But with gems because in minecraft haven't flags
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    ... But why? There is no different, Calm your man boobs bro!
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    everyone is entitled to their own opinion
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    no wtdavis4 its good ;D
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    Exactly... And @Apex's opinion is that he should use CTF. Think about what you just said.
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    wow that backfired lol
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    You can try ArenaCTF. inside of the folder BattleArena/teamConfig.yml you can change the default names and items of all the teams.

    So instead of Red vs Blue.

    You could make Gold vs Diamond

    and change the material to Gold_Ingot and diamond.

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