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    What plugin does:
    This plugin lets players purchase titles (prefixes) from our donation store. Then when he purchases another one, he can choose between them with the command /title change.

    /title add {player name} {prefix/title name}
    /title change #choose between titles (shows up in Inventory GUI, all prefixes are shown in netherstar form)#

    EssentialsChat compatibility:


    Title's role will be in the [TITLE] it will display the player's given title in chat. If this is not possible just make sure titles show up before essentialschat.


    ttttprefix: (this is just an example) &8[&a&l#&e&lE&6&lP&e&lI&6&lC&e&l:&8]
    ttttprefix: {chosen prefix}
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    Ok, but my question is can you choose between them?

    Oh, yes I can thanks!

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    Hyperven0m Next time, please edit your post with the Edit button below your post instead of double posting, thank you very much.

    Also, no problem. Glad I could help! :)

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