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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Tropicfail, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Grettings again.

    In this oportunity i need a good AntiXray, Who does not use much RAM, the Orebfuscator overuse ram lag even generating in due course to saw one that you could not see the diamond until you were really close to this mineral Do any know which is?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Tropicfail Every AntiXray plugin will use loads of ram and cpu because it has to stop xrayers so is probably sending loads of blocks to the players, and Orebfuscater can change its range if I am not mistaking
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  4. You usually can't have both:
    1. Virtually no ram and cpu usage.
    2. Only show ores if the player is nearby.

    For the first you will have to consent with a statistics based plugin which does not hide ores but might allow to detect extreme abuse. I know some people wanted to implement advanced statistics which also take into account //how// people mine, but in essence these plugins only detect xray and also miss the more smart ways of using xray. Advantage is low impact on general performance.

    For the second a plugin or functionality like Orebfuscator is imperative, hiding the ores until the player is nearby. The second variation really cuts down things to very low checking cost - i have been using a statistics based pluginb (DarkTrace) for a long time and since a couple of months i am running DarkTrace + Orebfuscator in parallel to allow some players to be still checked even if they have bypass permissions for Orebfuscator and also to check if Orebfuscator works at all. The number of players with an ambigue or "close to cheating" diamond-stone ratio has gone near zero with using Orebfuscator in parallel. Orebfuscator allows some configuration like ignoring worlds and other extras. Together with setting a lower view-distance you have some means of reducing performance overhead. It is a trade-off somewhere but seems the only reliable way to prevent most of xray before it happens, even "smart" xray use.

    "Very low checking cost" <- not meant in terms of server performance, but if you have to check on the players by teleporting to them or dig up logs.
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    A very complete answer, and I'll take your recommendation to use in parallel DarkTrace + Orebfuscator, thank you very much for your answer, asofold.

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