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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Kuuchuu, Feb 4, 2014.

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    What exactly is Full Bukkit?
    Full Bukkit started as a personal project, written completely in VB. I was wanting something that would automate certain process in my server, such as auto-saving and restarting (of the server computer), so, me being the dolt that I am, didn't bother to look for something already made, and took to coding. Thus, Full Bukkit was born, which was originally called "Bukkit Automation".

    If Full Bukkit gets enough of a response, I WILL make it for both LINUX and MAC!
    But, for now, It's only for Windows, XP and up.

    Why Full Bukkit?
    • Configurable RAM allocation (Lists all the available options based on computer's total RAM)
    • Collects Garbage to keep server running smoothly
    • Command input, with repeat button, and history
    • Auto server computer restart every X hours (For server/computer restart to work, atm, you must make a shortcut to Full Bukkit in your computer's Startup folder)
    • Auto server save every X hours
    • Easy plugin help
    • Output display, with colors
    • Full Bukkit Logs
    • Compact, and easy to use!
    For the Future
    • Players List, with commands for players (op,deop,kick,ban,etc)
    • Plugin Manager
    • More Output Colors
    • Output Color Configuration
    • Built-in server configuration editor
    • Auto server backups
    • Bukkit auto updater
    • Full Bukkit auto updater
    • I'm trying to not copy off of other server GUI's, so please, tell me what you want, and I'll do my best to incorporate it. In other words,
    Leave suggestions in comments!
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    Simply place the Full Bukkit executable in the same folder as your craft bukkit jar, and name your craft bukkit jar, "craftbukkit.jar"
    Later on, I might make an installer.


    In fact, before adding any new features, I may start working on the linux & mac versions this weekend. Start on it now, so there is less to recode in a slightly different language later.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Kuuchuu What language did you use to create it?
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    I like to challenge myself to make things in VB that are normally pretty complicated, to see what my limits are, and to surpass them.

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    Edit: I'm not crazy.. I swear.. those 2 posts above me weren't just there..! I've spent too much time in that blue box..
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    Don't worry, you're not! I'm a new member, so my posts have to be approved first. (Like this one...)
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    Okay, good. ._.

    I honestly don't remember going through the process..
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Does indeed look like the a lot :p
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    It's been this way since I joined back in January of 2012. Not sure how that's "new".
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    Jade That's weird, I didn't go through that when I joined..
  11. wow, that's really impressive! I thought this was impossible to do in VB.NET
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    Anything is possible in VB! You just have to find jank workarounds for things most of the time. P:
    I've made all sorts of VB games! Now, given, they're all unfinished, but only because I need artists to draw characters and such...

    Not sure if this is a stupid question or not, but, are tekkit servers like bukkit servers in how they run (in a console)? I'm just trying to determine if Full Bukkit would be compatible with vanilla servers, tekkit servers, etc...

    Okay, made a lot of progress on the interface for new Full Bukkit app, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Doesn't really do anything as of yet, it'll take a lot of work to make it fully Mac & Linux compatible.
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