Aug 8, 2011
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Bukkit Team Member, Male

    1. ChipDev
      I feel your pain: Working countless hours on a project just to be taken by a huge company.
    2. Mike1022
      So is there anything the community could do that would make you release the code? What would be your price for buying the rights?
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      2. Drame22
        He doesn't have a price. He's a greedy pig.
        Jun 20, 2015
    3. Dinosaurs
      Even though many of the fellow community are mad at you for DMCA-ing Bukkit. I truly believe what you did was respectable. It is amusing to find people praising MD5, just as how they praised you once when you first released Bukkit. If MD5 were to take down his patches, it would be entertaining to see how quickly these people would turn on him just as they did to you. What you written is rightfully yours +1 Supporter!
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      2. Drame22
        We turned on him because he stabbed his team in the back. And then has the fucking balls to keep the "Bukkit Team Member" in his profile.

        Fuck you Wesley.
        Jun 20, 2015
    4. madtomic
      Now only if Microsoft would come around and offer to buy your codes. Wait, better if they just open sourced the Minecraft server engine and we don't have this dmca issue. ;D
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    5. pookeythekid
      I'm curious about something: Why is it that three of four of your plugins no longer exist, and the fourth one is now owned by someone else?
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    6. MrInspector
      >guy dmcas bukkit project
      >still bukkit team member

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    7. SirFaizdat
      I was angry at you, I have to be honest. Then people like Skionz and Acharige made me realize how much work you actually put into this and the real reason why you did what you did. I'm sorry for saying that about you and thank you for all your contributions to the Bukkit project.
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    8. Jaaakee224
      You made the right choice. Thank you for sticking up for the community, and thank you for the countless contributions to the project!
    9. Forge_User_29648960
      I would like to sincerely thank you for everything you have done. I've been around for ages and can remember when you started contributing to the project. It was a great ride.
      Thanks! <3
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      2. Skionz
        Don't be an asshole. He spent ages contributing to the bukkit project only to find out he was writing code for mojang.
        Sep 29, 2014
      3. Acharige
        @SirFaizdat, if you were volunteering for a community in which you assume is independent, and spent countless nights, and hours over it and find out that the community you are working for is actually not independently ran, and is run by a multi million dollar company, wouldn't you feel the anger and disbelief that Wolverness had? Common sense isn't so common now is it?
        Oct 4, 2014
    10. hunty2003
      I'm confused about everything. Could someone explain things?
    11. SuperOmegaCow
      I agree with everything you have done. Thank you.
    12. Qw4rtz
      He's happy to getting down a community... But he's only a bukkit team member, not a bukkit owner/administrator ._.
      And his profile isn't getting banned ._.
      And... he don't be fired from Bukkit Staff O_o
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    13. Forge_User_25858003
      The egoistic part of me screams at you in anguish...

      The rest totally understand and support you. :)
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    14. ARCT3CK
      You did the right thing bro, long life to bukkit and good luck with everything.
    15. Forge_User_07431099
      WHY did you shut down bukkit? Just one word, WHY?
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    16. Nate5397
      Why did you do it?
    17. john01dav
      What was you're goal with the DMCA? Do you want Mojang to open source their portion of the code? Do you want to shut down bukkit? Do you want Mojang to give Bukkit back the the community (which I think they are already trying to do, they just legally own it so they can stop things like what EvilSeph did)? I am not complaining, just trying to understand how you want this whole situation to resolve.
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      2. winter4w
        What happened to EvilSeph ?????
        Sep 9, 2014
      3. fashizzles
        winter4w he left the Bukkit project.
        Sep 10, 2014
      4. winter4w
        O lol I knew that I thought something else happened :P
        Sep 14, 2014
    18. fashizzles
      I agree with what he did I don't see anything wrong with it. It was his API, his doing, and someone was bound to make mass amounts of money off of his work, so if Bukkit was going, he can take his code with him, it's a lot of work. I give you full respect Wolvereness. Took guts to get DMCA to shut down something so massive.
    19. ThePixelPony
      1. ThePixelPony
        Now I know why. You did the right thing. Thank you.
        Sep 8, 2014
    20. AronTheGamer
      <3 Sad to hear. Full respect
    21. drpk
      omfg can we close this wall? It's quite clear that some people dislike what he did and some people agree with him. To both sides, WE GET IT, writing on his wall saying shit doesn't make you any better of a person. Also, I fully agree with what he did, and you all can live even if bukkit shuts down.
    22. chakyl
      You did the right thing.
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    23. DHLF
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    24. DHLF
      @ Wolvereness
      Thank you for all of your hard work you have done in your sparetime for FREE!
      Without having been paid by money or even a "thank you" from ANYONE in this community.

      All those folks who are shouting at you because of your decision DO NOT know why you did this.
      If only the knew that without your work bukkit would be without modding API..
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    25. TnT
    26. Arch-Theologist
      You need to get over the fact that work you volunteered is being given to another company. Get a real job programming for a real company and leave all this behind you. You have caused countless people anger and stress for no reason. You are punishing the wrong people.
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      2. Arch-Theologist
        Niall, please stop making yourself look stupid and don't post again in my online presence.
        Sep 8, 2014
      3. AronTheGamer
        @Jade can you exlpain it to him once more? He seems to not understand it...
        Sep 9, 2014
    27. mickare
      @ Wolvereness : You did the right thing!
      Don't listen to those folks down here. They're just mad because they can't download and play. *Kids* don't see and understand the reasons.
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      3. Arch-Theologist
        Don't type stupid b.s. when you have no idea what it is you're discussing.
        Sep 8, 2014
      4. mickare
        You are just mad... have you read and understand the link I posted to you? "... Bukkit contains contributions from third parties that were licensed under GPL or LGPL, but the copyright ownership of these contributions were never transferred over to the Bukkit project, so Mojang was only able to acquire copyright ownership of code written by the four core Bukkit members."
        Sep 8, 2014
      5. Arch-Theologist
        Did you not read what I wrote you or are you purposefully ignoring what I've written? The GPL or LGPL are both invalid you imbecile.
        Sep 8, 2014
    28. Niall7459
      I'm personally on your side, you coded a good quarter of craftbukkit and now it's being handed over to Mojang, I think you did the right thing.
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      3. Arch-Theologist
        @aronthegamer what are you even talking about? Tones? Fully capitalized? Or are you just that stupid?
        Sep 8, 2014
      4. AronTheGamer
        I am sorry, my english is not da best, but you know what I mean... Fingers and .... toes.
        Sep 9, 2014
      5. Acharige
        (Not trying to bump this)

        @Arch-Theologist, you claim to be a college graduate, yet apparently your only 19. Unless your highly intellegent, it's nearly impossible to complete college in 1 year or less.

        I have enough evidence already to conclude that you're just some 12 year old typing in big words, thinking you're right.
        Oct 14, 2014
    29. kirbsrob
      Craftbukkit is currently prohibited by law : Disclaimer

      Paragraph One

      This is preposterous. Why is distribution a major rule if the only way you can play the game is by registering an account. If Mojang is worried about distribution, then I would consider minecraft to disable the online mode boolean in server properties files. This feature is the only way players can play this game for free.
    30. kirbsrob
      Paragraph Two

      If Mojang dislikes players that are able to play the game without paying any money, then disable online mode. If you do not want third party server clients being used for distribution. I would suggest implementing a feature where you have to buy minecraft's server client for a selective price and implement additional registration.
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