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Feb 1, 2022
Mar 5, 2011
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Mike Primm

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Feb 1, 2022
    1. Angelo.Rattero
      Hi Mike :)
      Thanks for your incredible job with your plugins!
      I'm using Dynmap-Residence and trying to enable the 3D Regions option to give users an even better experience when using Dynmap, but when I set to TRUE the "use3dregions" option nothing happens, the "Residences" layer keeps like if this option was still set to FALSE. Could you help me?
      1. timtower
        You realize that he hasn't been online for a while right? Try to comment on the plugin page instead
        Jan 2, 2015
      2. Angelo.Rattero
        thanks. I'll leave the coment anyway, in case this happens to someone else :)
        Jan 2, 2015
    2. benrory2000
      dynmap is using a permissions plugin i dont have and i cant figure out how to disable it can you please help
    3. Speaw
      Abi bu dynmapi nasıl yaptın ya ben bişey anlamadım :D
    4. morizuki
      What if I don't want my players to see me in the satellite if I'm hidden.. I mean no face icon and no name too..
    5. IvViral
      I love the DynMap-Factions add-on, however, one major flaw is with the webchat. Chat from players talking in private faction chat still shows up in the webchat. If you could fix this I would be amazingly greatful!
    6. PsionicArchon
      I am thoroughly enjoying your dynmap plugin (along with about a billion others apparently), keep up the good work. This will give the viewers of my channel an interesting way of interacting with me, as a video is being made, that allows them to feel more involved. They can literally watch my journey unfold before I commit it to YouTube.
      1. PsionicArchon
        Lost your house, no problem, hit alt+tab and find it instantly. The only thing I'd love to see added in (unless it already has been, and I'm just an idiot), is the ability for web chatters to log in so that they are identified by name opposed to IP address (If someone speaks while I'm recording, I don't want to publish their IP to the entire web).
        Feb 5, 2012
    7. march75
      Hi Mike,
      first of all: your work for the game is great and your tools are more then usefull.

      But... please can you have a look at dynmap-faction. It seems doesnt work anymore with actual versions of factions and dynmap.
      Thank you very much.

      1. Mike Primm
        Mike Primm
        I'll give it a look tonight - if Factions has been updated, I may need to make changes to support it.
        Jan 25, 2012
    8. el_don_15
      Hello, i love dynmap, i have it on my server, but only i can see in my computer, how do see the rest of people in my web?, i put the link of my ip followed by: 8123, but can not see the rest of people, help me please, thanks!

      Sorry, my english is really bad.
    9. CovertHoax
      I have a question about DynMap-Mobs.
      I noticed that when it turns dark no mobs showed up on the map.. Im guessing thats to do with hideifshadow:??? Is there a value you can set to show while at night time.
      I ask because lots of stuff comes out at night. :S
      And is there a config for mob render distance or is that built into minecraft?
      1. Mike Primm
        Mike Primm
        Try setting to 3 - under the sky at night is 4. The mobs are the ones that are active/loaded, which has to do with the chunks being loaded (being within 160 or so of a player, or close to a spawn point). I can't do more than that, but could do less if needed.
        Nov 20, 2011
      2. CovertHoax
        Awesome 3 seemed to fix it. Cheers.

        I have to say your DynMap and the mob plugin are brilliant ^_^ The only thing im not too keen on is that when I reload the server my custom marker icons get over written and I have to paste them back in the _marker_ folder.
        Other than that its amazing ^_^
        Nov 20, 2011
      3. Mike Primm
        Mike Primm
        OK - if you want to customize those, replace the ones in the plugin/dynmap/markers directory, not under the web/tiles/_markers_. That is where registered markers are stored - since reconfiguration can move the tilespath, this keeps us from breaking (republishing the files).
        Nov 20, 2011
    10. ardyarde
      Hey, do you know how to stop players from using the chat on DynMap web world?
      1. Mike Primm
        Mike Primm
        Nov 4, 2011
    11. Inscrutable
      Yo Mike. Go for a guinness, my shout :D Dynmap is fantastic, and you're one of the nicesy guys on the Bukkit Fora!
      1. Mike Primm
        Mike Primm
        Saw the donation - thank you much!! And 'cheers' ahead of time for my next beer :)
        Oct 29, 2011
    12. Marcusdengeek
      Hello, we have a issue. It says BLOCK_PISTON_EXTEND. How do i get it fixed?
      [email protected]
    13. tjh_rulz
      Hey mike, on our server we apear to be having an issue, (No config change except no chat. The Flat render is fine, but the surface render which uses smaller chunks does not load in some areas and give no error code about loading (just that stupid no permission bug)
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