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Sep 8, 2014
Feb 26, 2011
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I have this constant itch in the back of my mind, urging me to redo every computer project I've ever done in the last 2 years... Sep 8, 2011

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Sep 8, 2014
    1. regzand
    2. Schlumpf
      Hello, I started a Ticket at your Plugin Bettershop could you please look for it :)
      Your Shop Plugin is the best one from Bukkit I think, so please keep up the good work! Thanks!
    3. nicholosophy
      Will you be coming back to update your help plugin? Otherwise I'd like to take over development. It's a great plugin and it would be a shame to see it go.
      1. jascotty2
        i've been planning on doing a full re-write of the help libraries.. in my opinion, they're ineffective for what i want them to do
        now that i'm done upgrading my other plugins, i expect to get about to that sometime in the next week :)
        Sep 26, 2011
    4. jascotty2
      I have this constant itch in the back of my mind, urging me to redo every computer project I've ever done in the last 2 years...
      1. jascotty2
        starting with bukkit plugins :)
        Sep 8, 2011
    5. AdrianoP1994
      hello. could you answer my question at your bettershop thread? would be nice, thx
      1. jascotty2
        i'm not sure what your problem could be, other than maybe a discount permissions group

        if you're still having problems, let me know..
        (working on a restructure, so can't debug until done with current debugging)
        Sep 8, 2011
    6. XoX
      Tried using MinecraftIM. I am on 860 as it is the newest I can get.
      I get this error when the plugin loads/reloads.

      2011-06-27 18:29:15 [SEVERE] *** AIM ERROR: java.net.SocketException: socket closed ***

      Doesnt send verification thing or anything.

      Hope you can help me.
      1. XoX
        .. Heres the whole thing from when the plugin tries to load:

        2011-06-27 18:32:23 [INFO] [MinecraftIM] Starting Version 0.1.6
        2011-06-27 18:32:23 [INFO] [MinecraftIM] Config Loaded
        2011-06-27 18:32:33 [SEVERE] *** AIM ERROR: java.net.SocketException: socket closed ***
        2011-06-27 18:32:43 [INFO] [MinecraftIM] Connected to IM account
        2011-06-27 18:32:43 [INFO] [MinecraftIM] sending connect confirm to -my aim, lol-
        Jun 27, 2011
      2. XoX
        Can you please help me with this as I would love to use your plugin?
        Jun 27, 2011
    7. weixing
      About MinecraftIm :
      I can't send and recieve chat msg.
      It shows that my chat for my server (AIM) is offline
      Any ideas?
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      2. weixing
        I can't even find the log file in minecraftim folder. I don't think the plugin generate it. My login info should be valid
        Jun 26, 2011
      3. jascotty2
        i meant the server log.. my plugin doesn't run it's own log..
        Jun 26, 2011
      4. weixing
        Server log shows that it is coonected.
        2011-06-26 04:59:26 [INFO] [MinecraftIM] Connected to IM account
        2011-06-26 04:59:26 [INFO] [MinecraftIM]

        But my AIM still offline :(
        Jun 26, 2011
    8. Nathan Roe
      Nathan Roe
      Are you planning to update Bettershop for 1.6?

      It's amazing and crucial for my server.
      1. MrZoraman
        same goes for me as well
        Jun 24, 2011
      2. jascotty2
        sorry for the delay, but now the current version should work :)
        Jun 24, 2011
    9. marco213
      I figure it out that CookieMonster has the same shortcut as CostumMusic. Did he have a way that we can change it? cuz i still love both of plugin :(
      1. jascotty2
        i probably because i like shortcuts
        just go into the plugin jar & edit the plugin.yml so that the alias is different (or remove it)
        May 15, 2011
    10. jamescosten
      Hey man i have just done a review of Chest Harvester on my Youtube channel, please take a look and tell me what you think? ALso i noticed that your plugin doesn't have an example on its main page, perhaps adding this to it as a FAN MADE video?. Keep up the good work mate. Also you want me to review any other plugin?
    11. jascotty2
      so many plugins to write, so little time :(
    12. KITTKITT20
      1. jascotty2
        gives money for killing monsters :)
        (can also change what monsters drop when they die)
        Apr 12, 2011
    13. jascotty2
      taken over another plugin: CookieMonster :)
    14. jascotty2
      out to squash bugs, one at a time :)
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    part-time programmer, self-taught
    out to squash bugs :)

    List of Named Bugs:
    [zombie] Moth: drawn to the light, gets caught in wiring. easy to find & remove
    [arrow] Tick: blood-sucking parasite that latches on & doesn't let go. easy to find, difficult to remove. (similarity to any politician, living or not, is a coincidence)
    [leaf] Flea: shifty creatures that don't sit still while you look for them, and have a knack for disappearing without a trace if you touch it. hard to find, tricky to remove
    [lava] Virus: infectious and generally bad. (the one called "Windows" is easily removed using Linux) can be hard to find & harder to remove
    [spider] Cockroach: resilient creature, tough to kill by normal means.. add error checking
    [creeper] Termites: annoying bugs that tend to hide in plain sight.. usually need to rebuild the structure
    [pig] Fly: an annoying bug that can prove amusing. easy to find & remove
    (Microsoft calls them "Features")
    [torch] Ligtning bug: only comes out at night, under the right conditions, and only visible for a short unpredictable period of time. easy to find where it might be, easy to remove once trade to the source
    [workbench] Lice: another irritating bug that can leave you scratching your head.. take a short walk and get supplies.
    [fire] Bed Bug: just when you thought you were safe, you get bit. always be weary of this one.

    bugs can polymorph, so it's entirely possible to have a Bedbug-lice-flea


    Out to squash bugs, one at a time. :)
    plugins I've improved: WoolPlus, Rainbow-Wool, IpLock, Quiz, NetStats, ChessCraft
    my plugins: MinecraftIM, ChestHarvester, SignRotate
    continued: BetterShop, CookieMonster, Help, AppleTree
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