Dec 28, 2010
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Forgotten what profile updates actually *do* in XenForo...does this alert everyone? I think I'm going to start using it to share blog posts Jan 6, 2014

    1. DylanFTL
    2. Tagwolf
      New minecraft 1.5 is broken running bukkit:
      [SEVERE] java.io.IOException: Bad packet id 119
      at net.minecraft.server.Packet.b(Packet.java:84)
      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.f(NetworkManager.java:130)
      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.c(NetworkManager.java:229)
      at net.minecraft.server.NetworkReaderThread.run(SourceFile:68)
      1. zachoooo
        He knows. Be patient. He will release a new version when he has time.
        Apr 19, 2011
    3. Callum Aitchison
      Callum Aitchison
      I have found a craftbukkit bug, you cannot place minecarts. I have tested with and without mods installed.
      1. iPhysX
        Are you placing the cart on rail tracks?
        Apr 11, 2011
      2. Callum Aitchison
        Callum Aitchison
        Thanks for your help, it was the Minecart Mania mod, we used to have craftbukkit before with it but when I upgraded to 670 it stopped working. Odd thing is that when we had a build between the one we had before and 670 Minecarts didn't work even when the Minecart Mania plugin was removed.
        Apr 12, 2011
    4. chandler
      love the bukkit sever but is there any other sever what are like the bukkit sever, because the plugin on the bukkit sever are getting old, no good new ones?
    5. hermanandersen
      bukkit FOREVER <3
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    6. Forge_User_36624810
      Hi, im wondering do i have to release a plugin myselfe to get plugin developer rank as i am helping TAT with a web interface for the plugin?
      1. hermanandersen likes this.
    7. Komavok
      New update Minecraft 1.4_01, whether Bukkit 1.4_01 and when?
    8. Kolpa
      hey i know this is realy annoying but can u give me a working link to the devolepment api from bukki cuz the wiki link is like all other links down

      uuhm sorry fond a link just ignore me
    9. JamEngulfer221
      The link on the main page to the latest build is down. Please can you fix. It says Safari cannot connect to server: ci.bukkit.org
    10. Blackbang
      Hey, Just noticed the link for the craftbukkit development download on the wiki was down. Just making sure you were aware of this.
    11. d4rkelf
      hello i need help to set up my admin permissions in my bukkit server i using the new 1.4 but i have try for one weak to get permissions to work but dosent work for some reason i am new to config settings with yml and when i get the folder of permission plugin its empty nothing in it i need help :D write to me at erikrut@hotmail.com or skype greenface5 or message me here on bukkit
      as d4rkelf
    12. LambOfGod1221
      How do u make a minecraft server on this site
      1. TTSDA
        You are obviously not the person to mantain a server, if you came to a server mod site asking how do you make a server in it.
        Apr 3, 2011
    13. DanieL_vX
      I appriciate what your doing and take aslong as you need ^.^
    14. STiLLEN
      Hey the server was working yesterday even after the update of minecraft but for some reason its not working at the moment. is it the problem from minecraft? Bukkit? my router? i dont know
      1. STiLLEN
        nvm i got the solution :D just reinstall the server with the updated craftbukkit :D
        Apr 2, 2011
    15. chandler
      when will the beta 1.4 update be ready!!!!
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      2. chandler
        Apr 2, 2011
      3. TTSDA
        You aware that exlamation points are not used when making questions, right ?...
        Apr 3, 2011
      4. chandler
        i know but i was going out my mind as i could not play my bukkit sever
        Apr 11, 2011
    16. John McCarthy
      John McCarthy
      Thank you so much for working on a new version to support 1.4 right away! Keep working!
    17. BerserkB0mber
      Sorry to bother you Evil, but I was wondering why the newest build corrupts my server ? D: Not a single plugin works for the newer one... Is that because they haven't updated yet or? Any suggestions?
    18. blinghung
      srry for name space ill change it right away on 1.4 or when next recommendation comes im currently busy... GF nagging
    19. introp
      Is wiki.bukkit.org available for public editing? I was going to clarify something on the Minecart Mania sensor sign page but can't seem to make an account. (Multiple browsers on 2 computers both yield "Login error
      There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Go back to the previous page, reload that page and then try again.")
    20. cordeval
      Here's my thanks to Seph for his direct help solving a problem with a Voxel plugin (flyridgefly).
      Because he couldn't replicate the bug on the server's he controls, he took the time to log onto my little old 4-person SMP to directly observe the bug's actions.
      Plugin now fixed.
    21. gnftoxic
      Thank you for removing that morons' posts. His stupidity was starting to become annoying. :) 9001 internets to you, sir.
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      2. EvilSeph
        We're leaving them out there to give the Minecraft forum moderators time to deal with the situation, then it'll go into our new sub-forum for plugin developers :p
        Mar 12, 2011
    22. CrazyGhostRider
      1) What plugin allows you to get the wool, paint, birch (example: / wool 3; / dye 15; / log 2)

      2) how to make endless chunks (blocks) in inventory
      1. Andre_9796
        1 plgessentials
        2 creative
        Mar 12, 2011
    23. MationMac
      How do i use the spoiler thingy? And how do i change spoiler to the text i want?
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    24. Starletts
      I set up a bukkit server and i have a couple of problems, alot of the commands don't work including /spawn and /setspawn and none of the plugins work. I have set up my server as instructed in all the videos i watched and the plugins, but they don't seem to work. Can you help me with these problems?
    25. Afforess
      Do you happen to have a doppleganger, a "GoodSeph"?
    26. Gandalf
    27. odiajuan
      where bukkit download the mod for my server?
    28. albertoDGK
      how can i make a mincraft server here
    29. bombcoke
      can someone give me the download link for the newewst bukkit ive been looking for hours
    30. Josh Prill
      Josh Prill
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