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  1. DeadSpark143
    Need plugins for my server
  2. DeadSpark143
    A beginner HTML coder and do lotta plugins config studies to learn how java codes work
  3. timtower
    timtower KarimAKL
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  4. BurtDev
  5. LeiderGeiler
    Everything will be worst
  6. krypek
    I'm Making StoneCraft plugin.
  7. pulsepvp_
    Travel the world in the 70's
  8. eLoeL_
    eLoeL_ lishid
    Hello, I've recently downloaded your OpenInv plugin on my Apex Hosting server but I have a question: In the A. Hosting menu for commands, how do I change the required permission for the /openinv command
    What's the name of the "Run" command for the action. For example for the /give command the Run option is: builtin:give. Thank you for your help ;)
    1. timtower
      You do realize that the user hasn't been online for 3 years right?
      Nov 4, 2019
  9. AbandonedGaming
    Just playing some games.
  10. themonkifier
  11. SandeepHariYT
    Subscribe to YT channel at SandeepHariYT
  12. BushGamingYT
    BushGamingYT KarimAKL
    This developer has just made my server 10x more fun!
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  13. IdCom4
    Hi guys ! Keep going, don't give up, there is a way and you'll find it, cause you're awesomes !
  14. Reeme19
  15. SchreddarPwnz
    Currently building my reborn server, EcoVentureCraft. I've shelved it for a few years, The Time Has Come for it to Rise =D
  16. andres2018
    andres2018 Rixterz
    Hey Rixterz! Do you have a Mineplex Halloween Horror Resource Pack? I need to use it to test out the sounds.
  17. timtower
    timtower S0K3R
    Everything that is not in English gets removed from the forum.
    Please translate your posts.
  18. Ramen11
    I'm a very needy person. lol
  19. Dovee99
    I want a solution to my problem
  20. Faillix
    Just hanging out
  21. EliteEquestrians
    Hi, we are the server EliteEquestrians. We are a small server educating our players about equestrinism. we need a custom plugin <3
  22. PixelCraftDX
    Hello Bukkit! I love to play Hypixel! And I love to build! :P
  23. Tommy_T0mmY
  24. timtower
    timtower Lolmewn
    1. Lolmewn
      Wow, you're right :o If you're ever anywhere near Groningen, hit me up! :D Or if I'm anywhere near where you're located, I suppose ;)
      Sep 3, 2019
    2. timtower
      It is a shame that I don't go up that far anymore.
      Don't have anything there. Get near Utrecht and let me know ;)
      Sep 3, 2019
    3. Lolmewn
      Ah dangit, I was there this weekend, wish I had read your comment sooner :( I'll keep it in mind though!
      Sep 3, 2019
  25. timtower
    timtower DannyChaotic
    Only way to get rid of the moderator approval is to keep active for a while. Not posting won't make it go away.
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    2. timtower
      This was not a "dig" at you for sleeping or doing other things (Thought that was pretty obvious, but okay)
      I know, no offense was taken ;)
      The thing is that the only time that he / she has something to do is when I am not here, which is only when I am sleeping or on holiday (which isn't a lot either)
      Those 10 posts that I have each morning aren't enough to actively search for somebody.
      Aug 29, 2019
    3. DannyChaotic
      Understood, I wasn't aware of how few (non-verified) posts there was.

      Thanks for clearing that up.
      Aug 29, 2019
    4. timtower
      It was way busier before the DMCA, but then a couple things happened and it got quiet around here.
      If it was still that busy then I indeed wouldn't be the only active moderator, then there would be somebody from a different timezone.
      Aug 29, 2019
  26. GlazeW
    Fun stuff
  27. no00ob
    Kinda not wanting to do anything
  28. Guard_
    Welcome to my Channel!
  29. RayGauzOff
    Стопается сервер сразу после запуска. В чем проблема? Что делать?
  30. PumpMelon
    PumpMelon Zombie_Striker
    Don't know if you'll see this, but thanks for all the help you give to this community. I've been looking at my old threads here and you are basically in all of them lol.