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  1. MickeyIsbae
    MickeyIsbae TheRealKS123
    Hello! A while back you had made a autograph plugin for me. I was wondering if there was anyway you could add a command of /a nick (Name) then when they did /a request (IGN) it pops up with whatever the player essentially nicknamed themselves with via /a nick (Name). Also, can you do that the same with all messages including the person signings name?
  2. Tekk
    Lerning Object Oriented PhP right now, but bukkit plugins are too high for mee :D
  3. quakemaster1209
    Currently Working on WebStatsX Reloaded
  4. RelicObject
  5. Dopi01
    Dopi01 YoloSanta
    Redacted mega link. You could ask an other dev to fix the stuff that is not done yet. I was running out of time, so could not fix it. If i got more time i will do it for you.
    1. timtower
      Jan 14, 2017 at 12:21 PM
  6. Aeple
  7. TheSourceCode
    Coding a new plugin!
  8. MintyCodes
    Just a bit of a legend.
  9. kameronn
    message me if u want to talk
  10. malikdbuseck
  11. DinosaurKappa
  12. DinosaurKappa
    Insert Twitch emote
  13. OfficialCyberwolves
    Official Account of Cyberwolves Network
  14. Gareth Swan
    Gareth Swan
    HTML and VIsual-Basic Expert, JavaScript writer in Training, Bukkit Plugin Developer and Server Owner
  15. Pyraxo
  16. MojaDev
    Noch nicht so gut in Coden
  17. MojaDev
    Noch nicht so gut in Coden xD
  18. conway0009
    conway0009 fatmarley
    Hello fatmarley i want to thank you for making your server Terra-Verse, you've done an amazing job and i would love it if you could remake it somehow, i would love to see the server up and running again.
    my username was conway0009 and i hope you have a great time! :)
    1. timtower
      @conway0009 The user hasn't been online since July 2013...
      Jan 5, 2017
  19. kameronn
    kameronn Zombie_Striker
    Hey, is it bad if i have an object as static but never call it staticly?
    1. Zombie_Striker
      When you call a method via the object reference, it is generally meant that the method is going to manipulate on the state of that object and not affect any other objects. But static methods are shared among all the objects, and whatever manipulation you do in those methods are visible across all objects. So basically, its a conflict of concept. That is why Java warns you of calling static methods with object.
      Jan 4, 2017
    2. Zombie_Striker
  20. MCJoshua345
    SentinelGaming - Kinda-Retired Kinda-Not Spigot Plugin Developer whose avatar is too large to upload.
  21. DavidJ
    Have a nice day!
  22. garageagle
    Yes, I'm still active!
  23. OmgItzIsquidi
    Ye no status, offline or online
  24. skorvy
  25. BlueSkyEngeener
    printf( "Hac$0ed", "k" )
  26. Andrew Shepherd
  27. master3395
    I own
  28. FS_Grave
    How do you post a thread! :O I cant find out how :\
  29. 0verFull
    Nothing hère
  30. gdavid
    Check out my new plugin, RPG!