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  1. Maypixel
  2. Minertod
  3. Lily_K97
    Here to kick gum and chew a**!
  4. gasamay93
    Trying to figure out how to use the Solar Turbine from IC2 and there seems to be no wiki on it. Need help
    1. timtower
      We make plugins here, we don't deal with mods.
      May 11, 2024
    2. gasamay93
      sorry I thought it would be a forum of how to use certain mods
      May 11, 2024
  5. D&I
    1. timtower
      Why did you move away from the raw python and the bash scripts?
      And why so many versions? One a day? Just take a couple days to work on it and release that?
      May 10, 2024
  6. D&I
  7. D&I
  8. Machine Maker
  9. D&I
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    2. D&I
      We ignored the argument and just left it inside the Script. It had no purpose and didn't make any problems.
      May 6, 2024
    3. timtower
      So how are you gonna deal with it if there will be arguments for the script?
      May 6, 2024
    4. D&I
      I just saw that it is already removed.
      May 6, 2024
  10. AdamJavaDev
    Just a nerd with java knowledge :)
  11. Greeniousity
  12. mark_Dano_4936
    mark_Dano_4936 AnjoCaido
    A legend. although damn i was a weird child
  13. alfonsojon
    Browsing Hangar for Paper plugins
  14. DanielRedisin
    how to select an empty/filled area on the map, like in World Edit (needed for the Automine plugin)?
  15. zomb69
    VonDoomCraft Is ReBorN!
  16. McBlock
    McBlock teej107
    Hey teej107, I Just saw your great Tutorial about *PlayerCommandPreProcessEvent*. (Btw. I know why some ppl use it to Block commands from other plugins, just saw on YouTube a video where someone explained how to BLOCK commands from OTHER PLUGINS)
  17. Lukaos187
  18. HyunJun.Hub
    Discover endless adventures at HyunJun Hub! Join our Minecraft server community for epic gameplay and unforgettable memories. #Minecraft
  19. CMarco
    SpigotMC Member and Developer since 2017. Can code in C, Java and BASIC
  20. magicbottle
    magicbottle KarimAKL
    Could you please consider developing a new version of NoOresWorld? The existing version, as seen at
    , seems to lack support for the new ores added in recent Minecraft updates. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
    May all your endeavors be successful.
    1. KarimAKL
      Thank you for notifying me, but please message me directly next time.

      I have now updated the plugin to support the newer ores and hopefully any potential future ores.
      As the original thread is quite old, I will message the Dropbox link to you directly.
      Jan 18, 2024
  21. MiddleAgeGamer89
  22. Theinvar
    Currently playing minecraft java modded with the mod pack R.A.D. 2, and I am learning how to code different things that I want into the mod.
    1. timtower
      Might be a good time to tell you that this is not the right place for mods, we do Bukkit plugins here
      Nov 16, 2023
  23. tnn1nja
    Amused by my epic pfp
  24. Tea Frogg
    Tea Frogg
    newbie. o/
  25. f1oating
    Still work
  26. RedYT_
    CloudsLand • Owner
  27. LEDev
    Plugin developer
  28. ToastyKoro
  29. STAARF_
  30. Avji
    Beginner in minecraft's plugin development