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  1. Hissam
    Owner of TechnoHive Network.
  2. Vazeh
    Vazeh nik2143
    Hey dude i need some help with your custom gapple plugin
  3. timtower
    timtower Fondit
    Please post your question in English instead of French
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  4. 3dsboy08
    comped by yung stummy
  5. neemy
    I enjoy CraftBukkit
  6. casey9090909
    casey9090909 SavageAvocado
    Are you incomprehendable from the old steven's freebuild server? Or know of him and where I could contact him? I used to frequent his server and I'm currently trying to find him
    1. SavageAvocado
      No, I'm just SavageAvocado. I don't know incomprehendable or how you can contact him either, sorry.
      Mar 27, 2021
  7. NEM3SI5
    NEM3SI5 Newdel
    Automatically becomes ghost "adventure mode" and can not interact with anything other than doors and stuff, and I have to go to Xnpc and return it to "survival"? Is there any way to use default skin if I have the "skinrestorer" plugin?) Thank you very much for reading and hopefully you can help me
  8. NEM3SI5
    NEM3SI5 Newdel
    Hi. I saw that you helped a user some time ago by making a "ghosts" add-on, I tried it in 1.16.5 but it didn't work for me, (I want a plugin the same as what he asked for - the idea would be that the user dies ,
  9. Dreams of Developers
    Dreams of Developers
    Heat stops light, but who cares about t H u N e R s T o R m S
  10. macdonaldd
  11. Anarchy_
    Hi coders!
  12. satineeraj
    Life does not give the second chance
  13. maehb
  14. timtower
    timtower KarimAKL
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    2. KarimAKL
      No problem. :) I am glad to be back! I already filled the form the same day I created this account, so I am just waiting for something to happen. :p I am pretty patient though. :)
      Feb 25, 2021
  15. KyanoHS
    KyanoHS travja
    Hi i saw a thread about PerWorldPlugins and i tried it but i still dont have it working could you please help me?
  16. Baylorai_
    I needs the help with a coding problem
  17. Velixo
  18. toenailfungo
  19. xPyroMC
    Just a noob tryin to make a noob server.
  20. liltinyten
    Hello! I make java plugins!
  21. QuickScythe
    QuickScythe ebear
    Are you still active?
    1. timtower
      Based on his last login: no
      Jan 24, 2021
  22. timtower
    timtower MusLag
    Hey there, removed your message as it is not in English. Feel free to repost it when translated.
  23. ohfreddie
    Not being productive
  24. rohanlupcanus
    set {DevMode} = true
  25. Ankoki
  26. TurkishOneeee
    i need help lol
  27. Flo_B17
    Do what u love, love what u do!
  28. xCherry
    Something cool I couldn't think of :)
  29. Warpaka
    Java better than python
    1. timtower
      Depends on what you want to do with it!
      Jan 7, 2021
    2. Warpaka
      haha of course I'm just joking
      Mar 21, 2021
  30. piddi24
    I make very very simple plugins, and I'd be happy to make some for you!