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Happy New Year everyone! We wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 for what will, without a doubt, be an amazing year filled with lots of potential and enormous possibilities!

We hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve and New Years, if you can even remember what you did. As we move into the new year, our beloved project turns one year old and it's a bit surreal for us that so much time has passed by already. It honestly feels like we were beginning the project just yesterday. But here we are, at our first anniversary - an important milestone on what we hope will be a long and fulfilling journey to bring the Minecraft community what it wants.

As we move into the new year, I'd just like to cover a few important changes you should be aware of, if you aren't already:

New Recommended Build with better support for Minecraft 1.0.1
Our first Recommended Build release for 1.0.1 was aimed at compatibility and stability. Since many of you rely on the RB system to run...
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Since announcing our plans to switch over to a new development system (codenamed: Bleeding) in November, we've been blown away by the amount of interest it has garnered - we're still in the early stages and already have 12+ community developers actively hacking away in the program. As we grow more satisfied with the system, we'll open it up to more volunteers but are very pleased to see the passion and the desire the community has shown to get involved.

So far, we like what we're seeing with this new system and feel that it will result in better code and quicker development through truly utilising the strength of the Bukkit community. We believe that this system has a lot of potential if used and maintained correctly and remain committed to doing so.

For those of you who would like to follow along with Bleeding development, we have a new sub-forum called Bukkit Preview where we'll be posting threads that describe each...
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On behalf of the Bukkit Team, project and community staff:
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Thank you for the continued support, you guys are awesome! Next year is going to be big!
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We got to visit Mojang in Sweden!

For those of you who want to hear what we did in Sweden, read on. For those of you who just want to know what this means for Bukkit and Minecraft, skip to the end.

This past weekend Bukkit went on a trip to visit Mojang in Stockholm, Sweden and we had a blast. Dinnerbone and myself arrived pretty late in Sweden so we were almost certain no one would be at the Mojang HQ, but to our surprise the place was packed with employees hard at work getting their new game, Cobalt, out instead of tearing each other apart in their usual Friday game nights. Tahg had the earliest flight out of the four of us, so he got to spend the whole day with Mojang and got to share a juicy steak with them in between the craziness accompanying a game launch.

It was really exhilarating being a part of Cobalt's launch and actually physically being there as it happened - the energy coming...