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    ServerPort - Plugin to Teleport between Servers
    Version: v389

    This plugin is no longer maintained

    This plugin allows teleporting between servers.


    Please "like" this Get Satisfaction ticket.

    It is a necessary feature so that the proxy can handle sky colour changes between worlds.

    • Server to Server teleporting
    • Automatic reconnect to other server (requires client mod)
    • new proxy server to eliminate the need for the client mod
    • Local server fixed teleporting
    • Short range cart teleporting
    • Server to server chat link up
    • Bind stones that work between servers
    • Can prevent players from "manually" going back to their previous server
    • Automatic creation of exit portals
    • Nether expansion factors
    • Custom gate shapes (implementation of the system from the Stargate mod)
    • 3d gate shapes supported
    • Portal type create/destroy/use permissions
    • /drawgate command to instantly create a gate
    • Inventory transfer
    • Player health transfer
    • Banned items for inventory transfer
    • "Time to Live" for player forwarding, so that a player doesn't get locked in a loop
    • Server polling function for chat, so that it doesn't spam offline servers
    Latest Download

    Client Patcher

    Proxy Server-Liter (1.5)

    you must turn OFF bridging to use the proxy with serverport
    This is turned on by default for the plugin



    Previous Releases (from 166 onwards)


    Wiki (in progress)

    NOTE: you must add admin names to /serverport/admin_list.txt, otherwise the commands won't work.

    Permissions Nodes

    Show Spoiler

    Admin Status (Ops get this automatically)

    ServerPort main command

    Create Gates

    Create Gates with Flint
    - 'serverport.create_fire_gate_type.*'

    Use Gates

    Destroy Gates

    Draw gate command

    Cancel redirect command

    Release command

    Regen gates command

    Op Teleport command

    Internal Permission System

    Show Spoiler

    - add one player (exact name required) per line
    - /plugins/serverport/use_list.txt -> players that can use gates
    - /plugins/serverport/create_list.txt -> players with create permission
    - /plugins/serverport/admin_list.txt -> players with full permissions
    - /plugins/serverport/destroy_list.txt -> players can destroy gates (break signs)
    - /plugins/serverport/redirect_list.txt -> players can use "/cancelredirect" command
    - /plugins/serverport/other_list.txt -> players can use all the other commands

    More info

    /serverport help <number>

    will give you page 1 of the settings list. There are a fair few.


    Everyone can use
    /getinv - gets inventory from limbostore - used with logininv parameter

    /release - player will release to bind
    /drawgate - builds a gate where the player is standing
    /regengates <distance> - regenerates all gates within <distance>
    /circleload <distance> - loads all chunks within <distance>
    /stopcircle - stops circle load if one is in progress
    /serverport - this is the main command for the plugin

    /cancelredirect - cancels redirecting of the player when they move

    Note: the info in the link is from the hey0 version.

    You tube videos and more info can be found here

    Change Log

    Version 367
    • Fixed bug where gates some gates were indestructible (was a permissions error)
    Version 368
    • Added support for Permissions
    Version 369
    • Corrupt file copy
    Version 370
    • Fixed admins for permissions
    Version 371
    • Made portals immune to explosions
    Version 373
    • Previous update didn't interact well with other plugins
    Version 376
    • Hardened move change detection
    Version 377
    • Chat should be properly coloured
    Version 379
    • CB 1060 compatibility
    Version 380
    • Reliability improvement
    Version 381
    • Patcher update
    Version 382
    • Chat decode infinite loop removal (for special unicode characters)
    Version 385
    • Updated the event system
    • Note: this is still just functional, it isn't being updated
    Version 386
    • Players now "appear" 0.5 blocks above exit location
    • This should reduce the change of players "falling" out of and then back into the portal when CraftProxy changes server (causing the portal to activate again immediately)
    Version 387
    • Made entering portal detection code less sensitive when logging in
    Version 388
    • Added a 10 second timeout after login before you can teleport again
    Version 389
    • Added "replacelocal" parameter. Setting this to false prevents local clients being forced to use localhost
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    OH MY GOD MAN YOU ARE MY HERO! I can't believe you finished this. Legendblade will be so jealous that you finished first :p by nether expansion factors does that mean that hellworld is working?

    EDIT: dl not working there's a space in the hyperlink
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    Fixed the link. Hopefully, they add my change into the Bukkit API (or some other way of syncing threads).

    This was a port of the hmod version, not using the proxy server.
    --- merged: Jan 16, 2011 10:07 PM ---
    Also, yeah, expansion factors are for Nether emulation.

    The standard number is 100. You need to set the Nether world to 12.5 to get 1-8 expansion.
  4. Woot! I hope to test this SOON!
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    will players be able to keep whats in their inventory when going to the linked server?
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    the proxy server should work with it though? or not?
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    TnT Retired Staff

    I second that. It'd be nice to get this plugin without needing a modified craftbukkit server.
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    Not at the moment. I need to update it for the new network protocol.

    Also, it doesn't work as well as I had hoped :(, you can't change world type of the client.

    However, if I got it stable, you could do transfers that don't change the world type on a normal client.
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    Hardly. :)

    Mine's a tad bit more complicated (and Raphfrk's is already complex enough for the situation); packet modifiers, plugin support, all that jazz.
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    Yeah lol I just tried to run the proxy on a server and it won't connect to the server. On the other hand though the plugin with client mod works great :) thank you so much.

    Edit: is it just not possible to change the world type, or you haven't figured it out yet? I don't understand why it uses different world types anyways... basically all it is is different spawn/block algorithms... he could have done that without a whole new "type" of server that the client has to load... could have just had the setting determine algorithms...
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    Basically, the world type resides in the second packet that you receive from the server; unfortunately, this packet also says "Hey, you need to display a loading screen". It's supposed to get removed when you get the spawn location packet, but that only removes the login screen once.

    As for the different world types: it's both a world generation algorithm and "does this world have clouds or strange red light". It's the later part that we have a problem with; transferring between the two worlds works fine... you just have clouds randomly showing up, and no ambient light.
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    Actually, I have an image of what happens if you fake-teleport to Nether.


    One of the first packets the server sends is the login packet and it includes the world type.

    If I send the login packet again (with an updated world type), the client won't remove the "loading" screen. The only way around it is to mod the client (and then I might as well use the current patched client)
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    drats... *crosses fingers mumbling under breath* please change this notch,please change this notch... :p
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    All he needs to do is add my client patch :).
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    Well, updated the proxy to match the new protocol. It actually teleports much faster.

    This could be due a hmod -> Bukkit efficiency improvement.
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    Raphfrk I made you a video only viewable from your youtube account here:
    (the video might help a lot might be worse I don't know but if you got few min check it out since I made it only for you to see hehe)

    I explain things I think better through voice rather then say words but I will also explain what I would die for with Server Port.

    I plan on running 3 servers.

    Main Server (Private)

    PVP/PVE Normal Chaos Server (Public)

    PVP/PVE Hell Chaos Server (Public)

    I want the Main Server to be able to port to the Normal Chaos Server and inside the Normal Chaos Server I would like to port from it to a Hell Chaos Server (Nether).

    Now I think that is possible but I dislike your logging onto the wrong server system and would like to see it redone with the following:

    Lets say I travel from the Main Server to the Normal Chaos Server. If I logout in the Normal Chaos Server and try to connect to the Main Server I would like rather then being able to connect and told to type or do that command I would like it done automatically no matter what through the ip connect screen or just after that. I really dislike that feature so much and I find it almost a crime.

    Now I think this would all work perfect if that was able to be done but how would I stop Guest from connecting to Main Server then not being able to connect because there not on the list then getting some kind of error because they can't connect to the Normal Chaos Server?

    I'm not sure if there is something that you can be done and I don't know how much your skills are but I would personally build a small interface window inside the client at login if maybe the server is down having a bypass function but the removal your items or something and also a detection system if a certain server has a whitelist you can't enter without disconnecting.

    ALSO I don't know if this is possible but would there be anyway to prevent my players from connecting to the Normal Chaos Server for the first time without going through the Main Server Port? I don't know maybe I'm fucked haha.

    I want Guest to Connect Normal Chaos Server and be able to port to Hell Chaos Server but not connect directly.

    I want Whitelist of Main Server to port to Normal Chaos Server and port again to Hell Chaos Server but they would have to go through to Normal Chaos Server and then Main Server to go back to well Main Server lol.

    Sorry I ramble on a lot :( I explain things bad!
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    I couldn't access the video, my youtube username is rphfrk not raphfrk, maybe that is the problem?

    You can do that by not connecting the Main server to the Hell server.

    Your items would still be on the Normal Chaos Server. I guess I could add a retrieve items function and a parameter that auto-cancels the redirect on a particular server.

    You would log on to the main server
    - It would detect that you are on the wrong server
    - It would connect to the other server to see if you have any items there
    - If so, it would have them sent

    However, first I want to get the plugin stable on Bukkit/

    I would suggest having your Main Server allow new players to connect and ban new players from the other 2.

    I'm not planning on making major client modifications. They are annoying to program and I would need to redo them any time the client is changed. The current mod is basically 3 lines of code.

    Yes. this is already an option.

    Allow new players to connect to the server (default)
    /serverport newplayers allow

    Block new players from connecting:
    /serverport newplayers deny

    Redirect new players to a particular server
    /serverport newplayers <servername>

    You could set the 2 other servers to re-direct new players to your main server.

    It looks like you also don't want Guests to be able to get to the Main server?
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    I will have to play around. I think how private videos work on youtube is that you have to check your youtube mailbox and there is a link there? it says it sent a email not sure why.

    Also yes Guests are Never welcome on the main server ever.

    Main Server (Whitelist, No Guests, No PVP, No PVE)
    Normal Chaos Server (No Whitelist, Guests, PVP, PVE)
    Hell Chaos Server (No Whitelist, Guests, PVP,PVE)

    Sounds like I can force new players to use the portal so that would be sweet when they get forced back on the other server do they go back to their cords or to the gate? The gate is suppose to be hidden aka an event haha)

    How about this for an idea? If the above is right maybe there is a way to add a special simple file like a whitelist of users that can not enter Normal Chaos Server directly but rather the server name listed in the first line of this special file? It sounds like it would be not to hard at all since you pretty much have some of this already coded for newplayers. Then all I would do is copy my whitelist over from the Main Server.
  19. Just to clarify, what builds has this been confirmed to work with?
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    Can I use all the old cfg files from the old hey0 version? It would be great!
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    @SeeD419 it's a custom build in the first link. only one that it works with ATM
  22. Well that's kinda inconvenient, lol.

    Might wait a bit to implement this and see how it develops...
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    It only works with the one linked in the first post. The standard CraftBukkit server API doesn't support thread syncing.

    I have submitted a pull request for the changes I made, so hopefully, they will include them in the official version.

    If they add my changes, or add thread sync support to the API, then I will switch over to using the official version.

    Yeah, inconvenient for me too :).

    Hopefully, the Bukkit team add official support for thread syncing.

    It should work, it is exactly the same code, just with Bukkit API calls instead of hmod ones.

    I haven't tried it though.
    --- merged: Jan 17, 2011 9:43 AM ---
    It's empty.

    Maybe you used raphfrk rather than rphfrk? I couldn't register raphfrk (I might have registered it previously).

    I could implement a whitelist for players teleporting into a server (or at least check against the official whitelist).

    New players would just be sent to the target server. If you teleported to a server where you are on the white list, it could cause issues.

    I think "add whitelist support" should be a new feature. Ofc, bukkit doesn't have white list support.

    So, you want non-white listed players to be able to connect to the normal chaos server directly, but white listed players would be directed to the main server?
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    Yeah pretty much :) Main Server people get to go to all 3 where Normal Chaos Server only get to go to all 2 ;)
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    Am I reading your source correctly that all commands are available to all users? So you've not added a temporary "admins only" restriction to any of the commands? I see "to do" comments where I think you intend to add checks when Bukkit has a permissions system.

    Oh I also noticed that you have "Your dir is..." happening after every /command lol.

    I installed the system, and managed to get my two worlds talking. Chat was going from one to the other. Then I built a nether gate on one side, activated it and went through. I arrived on the other side with my inventory, but now it just says "Request timed out when trying to connect trying to connect to..." and I cant re-establish connection.

    Chat is still coming from my first server to my second, but not the other way.

    Any idea where I went wrong?
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    Yes, all commands are available to everyone and it is "TODO" once they implement permissions. I could do something temporary.

    Was there an exception on the first server (for example a null pointer exception)? If so can you post the exception (plus some lines before and after).

    An exception can cause the listening server thread to crash and so it can't receive any more commands (and so doesn't reply).

    Another option is that the there is a problem with the port settings. What happens if you restart both servers?
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    There were no errors, and restarting the servers didn't help. I managed to realign them with a combination of commands and manually editing the settings.

    All working great now, I've also enabled the proxy. My guys are wandering around in a cloudy nether now.

    I've even got a few other plugins working against your mod of the mod ;D

    Cool Raph, your work gets 10 points.
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    This would've been awesome if it didnt require a client side patch
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    If you use the proxy it doesn't.

    Only problem with the proxy is you get a Nether with a sun, moon and blue sky.
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    found a problem with your proxy. I am trying to use your proxy to be able to link all the servers on our network. so far all the servers are talking to each other, but when i try to go through a portal it said "the server refuses the connection from your ip" or something like that. i checked the server i was connecting to and it says the ip that i'm trying to connect from is -64.-88.1.71 while in reality the ip i was trying to connect from was . i remember having to deal with this in a server i had programmed once, and it turned out that some of the bytes for the ip address are flipped by default. this problem showed up in two ways. firstly when i had set the proxy to defaultly connect to localhost, when it sent out the ip it was trying to connect from it said "" to the server, causing a connection refusal, and when i set up the ip address for the proxy to default connect to "" it sent out that random ip address. i hope you can understand this (i'm in a rush), and it would be great if you can fix it sometime soon.

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